About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope I have added some values to you either from the photos or the stories that comes with it.

I am a complicated person, like most artists that I know. We're a dreamy bunch and spend the majority of day wondering in our wonderful inner world. I lived in Sydney for over 20 years but I was born in Vietnam.

I start to pick up photography in 2012 after a trip back to Vietnam. I used to use a smart phone as my camera and after going back from once in a lifetime trip, I realized that there was some of the shots that was missing or where simply a smart phone just won't cut it. Also, after talking to a German backpacker on the trip to Vietnam, I discovered that she saw Australia more than I am. After that I was determine to travel and learning photography to document my travels. One thing lead to another and here I am documenting my travel and adventures with this blog here.

Photography and image making is my hobby. I am not intend to going professional any time soon. Currently I am studying Naturopathy, a left brain and a profession that I feel could help people.

Thank you again for visiting my blog and please share the posts if you feel it has value and check back regularly for updates.