Thursday, 17 May 2018

Woolwich A World Apart in Sydney

Lately I have been photographing Woolwich for my collections of the places in Sydney that are now well known by tourists. Not even locals know about them for that matter. One of the best kept secret place is Woolwich just opposite Cockatoo Island.

I have been to the area about three times to scout the area for some night photography. Usually I will go to the same area multiples times to get the right light or new angles. And so far this particular spot in Woolwich with the old sleeper log really gave the photos a dramatic foreground to Sydney CBD in the background. Ofcourse you can will recognized it from the Harbour Bridge on the left of photo right?

How do I've found out about Woolwich? Well Sydney New Year Eve firework display is well known in around the world and the best spot that I know already taken by the media. So I was searching for a place that is not crowded and still have great view and I found Woolwich. I was wrong about it's not been crowded on Sydney NYE but the view is absolutely spectacular any day really.

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