Sunday, 27 May 2018

Vivid Sydney Not So

Vivid Sydney Australia

Usually around this time of year is the best time to Visit Sydney as Vivid Sydney is on at the moment. However, since someone die a few years ago they have put measures to ensure the safety of all people including drunks.

Vivid Sydney Australia

Nowadays there are barriers all around the major attractions that make photograph harder. And I guess it becomes too popular that so many turn out to see it every year. It so much hassle just to take photos this day.

Vivid Sydney Australia

I guess I have to skip Winter in Sydney for good from now one. There are better place in the world I rather be than Sydney Winter. The only reason why I am not up in Queensland right was Vivid Sydney. I have missed it for 3 years as I was chasing the sunshine. I guess I'll be chasing sunshine again next year.

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