Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Sukhothai Reflections, Thailand 2017

After 7 hours on the bus the last thing you want to do was to explore the tourist attractions but I'm a photographer. I couldn't missed out on the good light during sunset. I knew Sukhothai Historical Park was close by to where I was staying but you still need to get out the hotel/guesthouse in my case to explore you surroundings.

I knew the main temples complex was closed and I didn't want to waste my money just for the sunset shot. So I was exploring the the small town on my foot. It was pretty long way from where this was taken on foot that was. 

The next day I explored the place for more fully with a rented bike. A great way to explore this vast and interesting place. Especially if you were a Buddhist like myself. So much history to explore and so many temples and Buddha statues to capture. 

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