Saturday, 29 April 2017

Preceding Caterpillar, Thailand 2017

Preceding Caterpillar, Thailand

Went on a day tour to see a few tourist attractions and I should have prepared for the journey as the weather changed dramatically in Thailand highest mountains. Don Inthathon National Park is Thailand highest mountain and basically it translated to one big mountain. 

I was in Thailand during the dry season and everything I saw there was dried and yellow, until I went up to the "Big Mountain". It was 30 degree to 10 degree up there. When I stepped out of the minivan I was nearly froze. I only bought one jumper with me and that was when I should have used it.

So if you want to experiences a different side of Thailand then head to the mountains. But please prepared yourselves. Chiangmai is known for it nature and nature activities but on this particular trip I was want to experiences the culture and religious side  of Thailand. So many temples I have visited. Maybe next time for for nature type of adventures for me and ofcourse well prepared for that also.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Chiangmai From Doi Suthep Lookout, Thailand 2017

Chiangmai From Doi Suthep Lookout, Thailand

The famous view from Doi Suthep overlooking the city of Chiangmai. Not as impressive as there wasn't too many high rise buildings in Chiangmai compare to Bangkok. If you've been to the many rooftop bars in Bangkok then you be disappointed with the view.

However Chiangmai make up for the lack of skylines with the winding road trip to the mountains and the temples on top. Plus the bonus of the view from the top if you could climb the stairs or there's a lift up. How thoughtful are the Thais?

The Golden Jedi on top of Doi Suthep is famous in Thailand and you need a guide to explains the design and back story behind why the temple was built at this particular site. I knew it but I'll spoil it for you if I told you now hey? Get a guide and make the trip during sunset. It's easier in the late afternoon and night time to climb those 300 odds steps to the top. Enjoy!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Four Monks, Chiangmai Thailand 2017

To see a spiritual side of Thai culture you have to get up early and head to the streets where the monks are out for their daily alps. You will see normal men and women offerings to the monks for the karma merits. Why would do they such a thing? It was in the Buddha teachings. You have to ask the monks for those teachings 

They are the keeper of the Buddha teachings. If you have a chance to hear one of the Dharma talks then I suggest you go and listen to it. And maybe during the Q&A you might want to raise the question to them. 

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Cruising Ayuattaya, Thailand 2017

Cruising Ayuttaya Thailand

This shot was taken in a crossed between two rivers. Ayuttaya was selected because it was a natural island with three rivers joint together. It was a fascinating experiences to cruise around the island during sunset. A real Thai experiences I must added.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Chiangmai By Night, Thailand 2017

Great thing about Chiangmai was it old city square. There's so much happening with pubs and clubs within the square that you could spend days exploring. I was in Chiangmai for seven days to explore the numerous temples within the square. But after day time exploring there were great things to do at night if you knew where to go.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Eight Dragons, Chiangmai Thailand 2017

Eight Dragons, Chiangmai Thailand by Travis Chau on

The great things about Thailand were so  many temples to explore. This was on of those temples inside the old square. I really like the architecture of the roofs and it colours. Apparently it means to represents the three jewels in Buddhism, The Buddha, Sutra and the Sangha. The colour of the roof I mean, just like to clarify that for those non-Buddhists out there.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Chiangmai Thailand 2017

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Thailand

I booked this tour to see the temples at night and I knew the view from there was good. Unfortunately due to the traffic I was picked up half an hour late and just that time period I have missed out on  a good photo opportunity. Oh well I promised myself to come back to Chiangmai one day to capture it again.

The stairs going to up the top of the temple at night time was not so bad after all. I'm glad I did the tour at night and there was no tourists at all. The view from the top to Chiangmai city was okay but I've been to Penang Hill in Malaysia and the view was similar but with Penang Hill there was the bridges  and ocean in the background so it was a better photo. As least when you travel to get to compare places.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Thailand Street Foods 2017

Sure there were restaurants but to fully emerge yourself in any culture you have to eat what the locals eat. Thailand street foods are famous the world over but this cart was desert. I've save the exotic stuff for you to see when you're in Thailand. 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Wat Si Chum "The Preaching Buddha" Sukhothai, Thailand 2017

One of the famous Buddha statue in Thailand but few tourists know about the place. You definitely need a guide to show you around if you want to truly understand the historical significant of the Sukhothai.

I was staying in a local guesthouse and the owner was very friendly, she was very keen and proud of Sukhothai and its history. I didn't know a few places until I have spoken to her. Certainly a worthwhile destination to stick around for awhile to explore it fully. 

I only stayed for two nights from a recommendatin from an expat but certainly you need at least 3 nights here to explore it fullly. Oh well I guess I have to come back to it one day to exlore it again. But certainly the photos that I wanted from the location I have got from my research of other people photos on the Internet.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Sukhothai in B&W, Thailand 2017

I haven't post any B&W photos lately on my blog so why not today just something different. Not much to say today I'm very jaded from work and finger cross I have a fat paycheck tomorrow. I need it after 6 weeks oversea and basically just burning money. And ofcouse lots of photos to share as the price. :)

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Sukhothai Reflections, Thailand 2017

After 7 hours on the bus the last thing you want to do was to explore the tourist attractions but I'm a photographer. I couldn't missed out on the good light during sunset. I knew Sukhothai Historical Park was close by to where I was staying but you still need to get out the hotel/guesthouse in my case to explore you surroundings.

I knew the main temples complex was closed and I didn't want to waste my money just for the sunset shot. So I was exploring the the small town on my foot. It was pretty long way from where this was taken on foot that was. 

The next day I explored the place for more fully with a rented bike. A great way to explore this vast and interesting place. Especially if you were a Buddhist like myself. So much history to explore and so many temples and Buddha statues to capture. 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand 2017

When I first arrived in Thailand I wanted to explore the many temples in Bangkok as I knew  from my research that I temple that I really wanted visit was Wat Pho with the reclining Buddha. That was ticked then I knew about the old capital of Bangkok which was Ayuttaya. So I went there as well. But I have missed out on Sukhothai which another Thailand old capital.

After I went up to Chiangmai yet for more temples, I came back to Sukhothai to explored it on bike. Yes there was not many traffic as crazy as Bangkok so I felt safe to ride a bike to explore the historical park faster.

I was exploring it during the day but I knew I have to came back for the sunset. As you can see from the photo. The soft light really makes the place feel magical, and it was. Sure people have been to Angkor Wat and Myanmar Bagan temples and they reckon it's better. I haven't been to those places myself so I couldn't compare but in time I explore those wonderful sites and tell you my opinion.

I'm back home in Australia updating my blog but from a different State. I'm working as a fruit picker in Queensland and I'll get back to SE Asia for more wondering lust. Hopefully I could stay in SE for 2 months this time. My initial plan was 2 months but cut short because of finance. 

I was talking to other backpackers and SE Asia is not cheap to travel anymore. Yes 20 years ago you could stay in SE and live like a king or Queen but the development have caught up to the West and things could be roughly the same as in your own country with better foods that all.