Friday, 24 March 2017

Cruising Ayuttaya Island, Thailand 2017

You could not find scene like this in Bangkok. This was Ayuttaya just 50km from Bangkok. In my previous post I said I preferred this place over Bangkok. A picture tell a thousand words right? There was space especially personal space. With the crowded public transport system in Bangkok Ayuttaya was a paradise for me. A great escapes even for city man like myself.

I want a real Thai experiences and I first experiences it here in Ayuttaya. The moment I stepped down from the train to Ayuttaya I had a wonderful experiences. I had vegetarian foods in Bangkok but it was over price and came to Ayuttaya the foods was better and half the price of Bangkok.

The people didn't try to rib me off and very helpful for tourist like myself. Have a smile on your face and you will greet back the same. There a reason Thailand was called the land of a million smiles right? Do yourselves a favour and get to Ayuttaya on your next Thailand trip. 

Sure there are the southern islands where you do nothing but laying on the beach and soak in the sunshine. But I came from Sydney Australia, there's no shortage of beautiful and exclusive beach for me to enjoy. So I have skipped the islands of Thailand on this particular trip.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Ayuttaya The Lost Buddhist Kingdom Thailand 2017

Spent 3 nights here and I preferred here over Bangkok. You're going to get a real Thai experiences with culture and people. And way cheaper than Bangkok. And as a travelling visual artist, a dream destination.

When I visited here why I know Thailand is a dream holiday destination for people worldwide. The people were friendly and very helpful. The foods were wonderful and with Ayuttaya Historical site you get to visit many wonderful temples. I think during this trip so far I have visits over 50 temples and Thailand was a great destination for that.

As a Buddhist myself and see how the people practised Buddhism really drove home how proud I am to be a Buddhist. I have read many books on Buddhism and The Buddha teachings, the sutras came to life when I visited Thailand. Especially if you woke up early where the Monks came out for the morning alms ritual. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Bangkok Peak Hour, Bangkok Thailand 2017

Many tourists first think of Bangkok they though of the foods, shopping and the infamous red light districts. But after experienced all of that you glad you get out of Bangkok. It was a hectic city where if you there for those reasons above then you could have a wonderful time there. 

For me personally I preferred Ayuttaya, just an hour drive away from Bangkok. Sure you can't shop till you drop but there's culture and a real Thai experiences. I have spoken to many travellers during my travels around Thailand and they preferred other cities and town rather than Bangkok. 

My recommendations for you if you going to visit the city of light is to experience it only it for a few days. Do your shopping and your temples visits and ofcourse the red light districts then end somewhere else. You're glad you did. 

It's a culture shock for any people that never experience a big city. It could be overwelming sometime. But I got around okay with less confort I must added with the heat and the crowded public transport system. Then I'm from Sydney Australia, we still have traffic jams and sometime overcrowded public transportation. Nothing in this world is perfect is it?

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Wat Pho, Bangkok Thailand

Wat Pho Bangkok Thailand

Couldn't get the whole statue in one shot. It was too big and the crowd was big. So only a glimpsed of the famous reclining Buddha for you. Apparently this was one the Buddha you have to see in your life if your a Buddhist. It's bold and wonderful.

You have to go and visit Bangkok to get the whole Buddha. I must warn you that you have to fight the crowd to get a good shot. But patience is the key. The crowd will move on and you have your shot.

I watched the BBC documentary about Buddhism and they recommend 7 temples that every Buddhists should visits. So a ticked for me here. Six more to go and mainly in Asia and one in America. It's modern Buddhism.