Monday, 21 November 2016

Keshe Plasma Technology: GANS Production Day 3

Check out my videos on Youtube on my update on my GANS production.

And this is the blueprint if you want to do the same. The more people know how to do this the more we get closer to utopia. The teachings behind is in the Blueprint Teaching Week of the Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute.

GANS Production Setup Blueprint
But for me personally, if I want the world to be a better place. Then I have to do something about it. Don't wait for governments to provide it. It is not their gig. If I could borrow John F Kennedy quote "It's not what the country can do for you, it's what you can do for your country." I'm born in Vietnam but Sydney, Australia is my home. If I wanted Sydney my home to be a better city then I have to do something about it. Obviously the Governments both Federal and State level knew about this technology but they are not serving the people. It's up to us collectively to share and make free energy, health for all and proper foods without any chemicals,

I walk down George Street in the CBD and I still see people suffering. There's homeless people begging for money. If you walk down George Street you probably see one in nearly every corners. Clearly Sydney is not the best city in the world if we look at the obvious sign of decay in our social and government structure. Did you know that you could make GOLD from this technology? So money and lack of money is not a problem in the future is it? Don't feed them the fish, teach them how to fish. And that's the purpose of my videos on Youtube on the GANS productions. I know it's not the best video production, but I'm not after beautiful videos. The content is more valuable and beautiful, technically correct ways of video production.

If you want to see great videos then I have some as well. But for now I just want the contents to be out as fast as possible. So many people are still glue to the TV and believe in the "Presstitutes". There's not any real journalism anymore. Just pay propaganda and keep everyone asleep. I know about the Keshe Foundations by accident on Youtube. There's no news from any major news network report on this technology that could change the world. Obviously there's no benefit to the controllers of our lives. It's time to wake up people.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Keshe Plasma Technology: GANS production Day 1

Check out my videos on how to make GANS on YouTube. It's a Creative Commons Licence. So feel free to changes or download it.

Here's the Description on YouTube:
GANS: Gas in Nano Solid State

My second time producing GANS at home. I have learnt much about GANS productions from my first attempt so I though I have enough knowledge to share. 

This is a new technology and there is a big learning curve. It's fun anyway. It just like going  back to a science class in High School but this time you learning something useful to humanity.

Check out my videos for more Keshe Plasma technology and MORE GANS production updates.

Please share the videos to your friends and family. The more people knows about how to produce GANS and Keshe Plasma Technology the world would be a better place for it.

Where to get the Items in the Video:
1) Alligator Clips Jays Car 
2) Containers: Bunnings or any Hardware Store
3) Power Supply from JayCar 
4) Copper Plates
5) Nails/Fe/Irons Bunnings or any Hardware store. Get the normal nails.
6) Zinc: You have to ask the hardware store for a big roll of Zinc Flashing.
7) Nano Coating Materials: Caustic Soda/NaOH the stuff you put down the drain for drain blockage. Bunnings has it. 
8) Copper Wire 1.63mm gauge. Ring up to order it. Cost about $30/Kg which you could make one energy unit and room for mistakes. Don't buy 1kg buy at least 10kg more cheaper and you want to share the technology with the people around you. The greatest gifts you going to give anyone for birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc
9) Sea Water it's FREE if you live close to the sea. Or use good quality salt 10-15% mixed with Distilled Water.
10) Distilled Water to wash the GANS from the Salt contents. Need to wash it at least 3 times. 

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Granny Smith Festival 2016

A was organising a Photography Meetup and no one show up. Some people these days are so constipated. If you RSVP for a meetup please attend otherwise don't RSVP. Anyway it was my intention to let everyone in my Street Photography Meetup group aware of the event. I'll never suggest anything again. There's no fun hang around constipated people.

It was a fun event. I love street parade. You have so many actions and activities. So I have two cameras as always to capture as much as I could. Granny Smith Apple is known world wide and it was started in Eastwood. There's no farm in this area anymore. Just massive urban developments and no Granny Smith Apple Trees around. 

If you want to see an apple orchard then you have to drive another hour or so out of Sydney. You might get a chance to see some real farms. And might pick your own apple. Australia is so big and we all need to get back to the land. Buy a lot of land and start growing your own foods. I'm in the process of collecting seeds. 

Now I know a ways to alter the GMO seeds to it originals by using GANS plasma water. I'll show you these in due course. But right now start looking at land out of Sydney for your future. It's a good idea anyway since nobody can afford housing in Sydney anymore.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Newtown Festival 2016

I haven't time to take out the cameras for a while with the Keshe Plasma technology experiment I have at home. Just this particular weekend I just want to spend one day photographing stuff. And guess what my favourite suburb in Sydney happened to had a festival on. The Newtown Festival. 

The usual crowd was there with many alternative lifestyle people. It was a family event in particular but you have great music and most friendly vegan festival that I have been to. While walking around looking for photograph, I happens to bumped into my best friends from high school and I told him about the Keshe Foundation and why I have decided not to go backpacking for a while and concentrate on the Plasma technology. 

He was very curious as why I decided not to go backpacking. It too important information that needs to be shared. I started with my own experiment first and I"m sure the plasma energy unit will work and new opportunities open up for me. New adventures start to happens. It's very interesting how the Universe works. 

I'm thinking of Newtown first because this are radical people living in this suburb. More hippies just like me who cares more about the world. Not like our governments. There was a advertisement on the community on how to save electricity during this summer in Sydney. So I go to this event and try to make some connection to the people. At least I let them know about it. It's up to them to take this knowledge and run with it.