Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Raw Avocado Papaya Ice Cream

First time posting up some something about fruits. If you follow my blogs then you know that I'm into photography. But photography is a way for me to be happy. I haven't share that I also into health. I studied Naturothapy for 18 months but dropped out about a year ago for some travelling. I have decided to go back.

Why? I want to study health but they taught me diseases. 

Anyway this is not this blog post is about. If you like to be healthy study health not the opposite of it. I have trying to become a fruitarian on and off. Luckily Spring and Summer is coming. But I can still enjoy life with this ice cream.

1 papaya
2 two avocados
200 grams of stawberries
100 grams of blueberries

-Put papaya and two avocados into blender. Mix with a few strawberries if you like it to be a bit sweeter. But if the fruits are grown properly pick ripe then it should be a problem.
-Mix in blender
-Pour out into a bowl. (small bowl if you want to share your creation)
-Put the bowl into the freezer for 4-6 hours. (You don't want it to become ice, still want some creaminess).
-Take out from freezer and use a small knife and poke around the edge of the bowl for easy removal.
- When the bowl is loose, flip it to you serving plate.
- decorate with your favourites fruits. Be creative people. See photo above.
- Enjoy!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Ferragosto Festival, Five Dock Sydney Australia 2016

Somehow this year Ferragosto was not excited as last year. Maybe there wasn't anything exciting to photograph. If the organiser have a street parade then everything about the Italian will be on show. Less street foods and endless stores to promote products that I don't touch.

Sure you have cooking demonstrations by some Celebrity Chef, some performance but nothing special. Maybe I've been to too many festivals and if nothing really interesting then I hesitate to photograph it. I photograph digital with a film mindset.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Cherry Blossoms, Auburn Botanical Gardens 2016

Cherry Blossoms, Auburn Botanical Gardens 2016Spring is coming. Yes. One of my favourite time of the year to photograph. I need a macro lens to add to my lens collection of the Micro Fourth Third system. I have 4 options to choose from. I love that I have choice in this system.. And the competitions make the manufacturers up their games. 

Anyway this was shot with a Sigma 60mm f2.8 for the M43 system. Not a bad lens at all and it's a bargain when I first had it. Shot this at f5.6 as this is the sharpest aperture of this lens.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Chasing Cyclist, Mount Buller Victoria Australia 2015

I have never taken photo of mountain bikers before so the chance to photo some adventure junkies. I was all in. It's amazing how fast they could go down hill. When we were photograph them up the hill it was painful to witnessed. But the joy of the downhill run really makes effort of the uphill worth it I think. That's part of the adrenaline rush that these people are seeking. For me I just enjoyed photograph a different subjects.

I was playing around with slow shutter speed. Could be fun if you know what you're doing with a camera. Experiment with it. Could be surprising fun. Isn't that all about?

Road Trip Mount Muller, Victoria Australia

The amazing thing about a road trip is your not driving. This photo was took from the passenger seat. My photographer friend in Melbourne drove me to Mount Muller in Victoria. Yes you have to wake up early. It was hard when you have a chat all night and only have a few hours sleep. Bu the journey and the photos I came back with worth the effort.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

City2Surf Sydney, Australia

Finished Line.

I'm a bit disappointed with the event. I wanted more people dressing up in characters. But these people were fitness fanatics. Boring. Boring. You guys are not in any danger of making the Olympic team anytime soon. It's a fund raising event, enjoy yourself. 

Also it's better for your kidneys. All those acids must going somewhere and is your kidneys filtering? If not your then the body uses Calcium to neutralised the acids. You're not going to have many City2Surf up ahead as arthritis and all the inflammation (acidosis) dis-ease coming your way.

If you don't like what your read so far, that's fine with me. But the truth always hurt at first. Go to Winter Magic in Katoomba, see how a fund raising event should be enjoy. Dress up in Pokemon or your favourite Star Wars characters, even super heroes. Have fun at the event. The fitness fanatics have no clues about health and vitality anyway. So don't look at them as an example. 

Some might argue that they were trying to beat their personal best. That's admirable but what's wrong with the sunrise in Bondi beach to do it. If you need to donate to charity just donate. And please check where are the funds are supporting? Some charity research on Dis-ease that did not exist. A fabrications of the AMA (Australia Murder Association) or if your in America (America Murder Association). Name me a celebrity that has survived Cancer? 
Some people did enjoy themselves.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Pink Lakes Sunset, Victoria Australia 2015

A magical place. A must visit site if you're an adventurist person. Please go during Spring or Autumn otherwise you might have thousands of small friends follow you all day.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney Australia 2016

After the Meetup with Street Photographers I decided to go for a walk. Basically from State Parliament House I walk all the way to Barangaroo. I knew there was something on with the Sculpture at Barangaroo. So I have to take photos of that. But with this shot here, I've had the vision of it in my head when the this part of Sydney was open to the public. I didn't have the 10 stops UV to do really long exposure until now.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sculpture at Barangaroo, Sydney Australia 2016

A new exhibition at Barangaroo Reserve with the same sculptures at Bondi Sculptures the by Sea. Some of the sculptures were the same as last year at Bondi but with a different background. It is very interesting to photograph this sculpture with the reflection from the bridge and the CBD makes this mirror sculpture unique. 

I have to photograph this sculpture at night because during the day time there were probably 20-50 people all want to do a selfie with the sculptures. Come on people.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Murray Sunset National Park, Victoria Australia 2015

A sunset in a national park. What more could you want right? Not the best sunset I've seen in my life because of there's absolutely no clouds at all. I was hoping for some kind of clouds but no. Then I though to myself, maybe we might have a great look at the stars tonight. Which it did happen. Someone once told me to see a sunset is a privileged, so I'm not complaining.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Desert Santa, Victoria Australia 2015

The people of Outback Australia celebrates Christmas as well but with a twist as we stopped in the middle of nowhere to photograph this wrecked with Santa decorations. Not just one or two Santas but at least 10. A very interesting site to photograph. We couldn't get into the property otherwise I would have had some closer shots.

The colour effect was an inspiration from my sister. She used  the sunglass as a filter, so I picked up the ideas and make a panorama shots of the place to get everything in. My sister uses the phone these days to shoot. It's not the camera it's the person taking the photo that makes the difference.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Salt Harvest, Pink Lakes Victoria Australia 2015

Wonder where your salt comes from? This was the ruined after there was no commercial viable to harvest salt at Pink Lakes. There was still a few mountains of salt there and the worker just left the equipment there also. An interesting site to visit not just for the pink lakes alone but the history of the place.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Sand Dunes and Sea, South Australia

have travelled extensively around Australia and this particular place in South Australia really capture my imagination. You have sand dunes that stretches for miles and it meets the sea as well. The sunset was simply heaven. I was on one of the biggest sand dunes there and witnessed the sunset with my sister and travelling buddy.

The low sunset have a reflections on the calm southern ocean making the double sun. I've never seen anything like it. Simply breath taking stuff or it was because I have to climbed a mountain sand dunes to have that view. Either way it simply breath taking.

People from around the world have travelled on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria but when they came to this place they believed it could be better than the road. I don't refute them because I have seen the Great Ocean road twice and each time it was different. But this particular place was magical in it own rights. Less the tourists of the Great Ocean Road.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Nan Tien Temple, Wollongong Australia 2016

A few friends I met while working in Gaydnah came down to visit Sydney. Just being a good host and show them what's around Sydney. There's more to the Harbour Bridge and Opera House that some tourists missed out. Not when they know me.