Saturday, 23 July 2016

Sydney Street Photographers Meetup: Chinatown Night Market 2016

Another Meetup on Friday night at Dixon Street, China town Sydney. Surprisingly there was 50% turn out. Some were new to the group some just like to know about how to use the camera. But the purpose of the meetup was to socialise. 

I'm hosting a meetup tomorrow, so it could be interesting. First time I am going to host the event so it could be interesting. Hopefully I have a better turn out. Otherwise I still take photos tomorrow no matter what. 

Some people say that they interested in learning photography. But they don't spend the time mastering the art. Just imagine a guitarist or pianist that hardly practice. How could you get better? Usually at these kind of meetup I am usually offer free lessons if they want. But no one has chased me up to learnt more. Mystery of the mind.

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