Thursday, 17 March 2016

Bare Island Botany Bay Sydney Australia 2016

Bare Island Botany Bay Sydney Australia by Travis Chau on

Was going to Bondi Beach to photograph the sunrise but I was just half an hour late. So what could I do, go to the second best spot in Sydney for sunrise right? Forget about sunset at this spot on the weekend, you're never going to find a parking spot. 

This was shot with a fish eye lens and de-fished in Photoshop to get this big panorama view. I'm beginning to to love my fish eye lens now. Usually I used this lens for interior architecture, but for landscape it could become my favourite lens. It needs a bit of work in post production but the quality of the image come out of this is spectacular.

The next lens I'm going to have in my bag is probably a medium telephoto zoom. Something cheap that I could get that kind of range.

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