Wednesday, 23 March 2016

I'm going to Queensland for an extended road trip

I'm going to miss this view. I was up in Queensland just for a few days, this time going up there for work and exploring it more. Things to do up there 1) Great Barrier Reef 2) Whitsundays Islands. I need to tick this off in my bucket list of things to do. I think this is a true working holidays.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Double Exposure Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Australia 2016

Double Exposure QVB, Sydney Australia 2016 by Travis Chau on

Taking out my new Panasonic G7 to experiment with double exposure photography. It was fun day out. The weather was terrible so I end up just shooting around Queen Victoria Building for the day. Probably do another post on my blog on how to do it with the Panasonic G7. What a beautiful little camera that it can grow with me as a photographer/visual artist.

Also I met up with a Couch Surfing friends from Spain and show them the city. Man they get to know all the secret spots in the city. They're going to have a very good night sleep. We did at least 10km for the day. For me it was just fine, but for them they're never experienced such walking distance. Welcome to Australia girls. And guess what I did photograph them with double exposure as well. They were impressed. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Mrs Macquarie Chair, Sydney Australia 2016

Mrs Macquarie Chair, Sydney Australia by Travis Chau on

Taking a couple to my favourite spot in Sydney to take some photos. They were from India and seeing this spot they will go home with the best memory of Sydney. They were on Couch Surfing and stayed with me for two nights. The culture exchanged was excellent. I've learnt how to make a good Indian curry now...hope so. And in returned I took them around my favourite spot in Sydney for photo opportunities. 

Friday, 18 March 2016

Leura Cascade Blue Mountains Australia 2016

Leura Cascade Blue Mountains by Travis Chau on

A lot of people miss out on the opportunity to see this wonderful and delightful cascade. It's a bit of a walk but not that strenuous so the effort for the ones seeking nature is truly rewarded. The Leura Village is a must visit also if you happen to be in the Blue Mountains.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Bare Island Botany Bay Sydney Australia 2016

Bare Island Botany Bay Sydney Australia by Travis Chau on

Was going to Bondi Beach to photograph the sunrise but I was just half an hour late. So what could I do, go to the second best spot in Sydney for sunrise right? Forget about sunset at this spot on the weekend, you're never going to find a parking spot. 

This was shot with a fish eye lens and de-fished in Photoshop to get this big panorama view. I'm beginning to to love my fish eye lens now. Usually I used this lens for interior architecture, but for landscape it could become my favourite lens. It needs a bit of work in post production but the quality of the image come out of this is spectacular.

The next lens I'm going to have in my bag is probably a medium telephoto zoom. Something cheap that I could get that kind of range.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wentworth Point, Homebush Bay Sydney Australia 2016

Wentworth Point Homebush Bay Sydney Australia by Travis Chau on

This hidden spot in Sydney which is roughly 15 minutes drive from home is great for photography. There's many development over the years which I think has added a great feel to the place. A must see if you ever in Sydney. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Port Botany, NSW Australia 2016

Port Botany NSW Australia by Travis Chau on

Just testing out the new 10 stop ND filter at my favourite spot in Sydney to take landscape photos. This is where I first learnt how a DSLR works and when I need to learn another skills I come here to practice. Great spot to see both the sunrise and sunset.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Southern Cross Train Station, Melbourne VIC Australia 2016

Southern Cross Train Station Melbourne Victoria Australia by Travis Chau on

First time back to Melbourne was on the XPT Express from Sydney. I was catching the train from country NSW on a small town called Coontamutra. A very historical town with very nice architectural train station. I was surprise at the name at first because the Southern Cross train station was used to call Spenser Street station. Some locals still call it Spenser Street train station. The new renovation certain caught my eyes and I have to take some photos of it. I did a little processing in Lightroom to add an old feel to it. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Sydney Street Photographer Colour Challenge: Blue

Sydney Newtown Graffiti by Travis Chau on

Just testing out my new Panasonic G7 with the photowalk around Newtown for the colour challenge that the organiser from the Meetup Group "Sydney Street Photographers" organised. This was usually a fun event where each person pick out a random colour and for the rest of the photo walk just shoot the colour selected. I was happened to be late for the start so I called Raymond one of the organiser and he picked out blue for me. 

The reason I was late was I went and bought myself a new camera which can shoot 4K videos. I don't have the computer power to process that kind of file yet. But my plan to go on another extended trip so I want to capture the best video that money can buy right now which  the Panasonic G7 suits perfectly. I was waiting for year to get so I'm excited to test it out.

As for the photo walk, I didn't get to know other photographers I would like because I was late but the photo walk was always an interesting event anyway. Especially in Newtown where the people are fashionable and there always interesting subjects. Also I bumped into Matt a friend I met during my cherry picking career in Young last year. I recommended Newtown to him and he listened. Small world indeed.

Friday, 11 March 2016

The Crocodile, Mount Grambians National Park Victoria Australia

The Crocodile Mount Grambians National Park Victoria by Travis Chau on

A walk to this rock formation took me and  my sister half and hour, but photographing some unique rock formation certainly makes the hike worthwhile. The view from there was spectacular. The crocodile in the foreground was just a bonus. One of the highlights in Mount Grampians National Park, Victoria Australia.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Mount Grampians Victoria Australia 2016

Mount Grampians, Victoria Australia 2016 by Travis Chau on

New year day 2016 I was still on the road with my sister and one photographer friend. We're exploring all the best landscape spots in Victoria. This shot was from one of the lookout to Mount Grampians National Park. If NSW has the Blue Mountains then Victoria has Mount Grampians National Park was the introduction to Mount Grampians by my photographer friend.

The landscape in Victoria was quite different from NSW where there was more flat area not like mountainous like NSW. From the distance in the car we could see Mount Grampians which sometime in the Blue Mountains in Sydney you can't see. It' was not the best light but I still want to took the shot for my memory of the road trip. 

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Russell Falls Zoom Effect, Mount Field National Park Tasmania Australia 2016

Russell Falls Zoom Effect, Tasmania Australia by Travis Chau on

I woke up early to catch the soft light in the morning, luckily for me it didn't rain in the morning as it was raining in the night before. The photography God was on my side. The walk to Russell Falls was wonderful, basically I was alone among the trees and the ancient rainforest. 

The calm and tranquillity of the forest really revitalise anyone, especially in the morning when there was less distractions from other people. You know the sayings "The early birds get all the prays." I wasn't a bird but I did come home with some memorable shots from my short stay at Mount Field National Park, 

There was a few shots at night that I would love to go back and take more. There was the glow warm that was on the way to Russell Falls. the easy platform makes accessible at night very convenience for everyone. I just want to experience walking in an ancient rainforest totally dark and enjoy mother nature display her many secrets. Oh well next time Mount Field National Park.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Mount Field National Park, Tasmania Australia 2016

Mount Field National Park Tasmania Australia by Travis Chau on

I still have goosebumps when I reviewed the photos I took during my visit at Tasmania. What an amazing place, a dream come true for me. Some Australians never get to see this magnificent island for themselves. 

Please start planning your trip now, make it a goal to see it. There's so much to do and see with so little time. If you're an Aussie you're got to get out of the cities and start exploring our nature gifts. It's in the national anthem, if you a true Aussie then pack your bag and start exploring. You never know what surprise awaits you and I'm not talking about poisonous animals. That's the myth that I had a chance to meet other people from other counties. Why do we have that myths about Australia? Great job from the marketing department for Australia tourism isn't?

Monday, 7 March 2016

The Sisters at the Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia 2016

Three Sisters Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia by Travis Chau on

I was hosting two beautiful sisters from America at my home using Couch Surfing. It was a first time that I have host someone at my place. So the experience was quite interesting. Hearing the stories of the sisters travelling the world made my decision to travel for the near future vindicated. If the two sisters can do it I can do it too. 

I was been a great host, but that just me and my family. If we welcomed you to our house then you are part of the family. Lucky for the Steph and Sabine I nearly know at the major attractions in and around Sydney like the back of my hands. 

Since I have limited time with them I only can only show some part of Sydney and the Blue Mountains on the weekend. But the memories for them will hopefully last a lifetime. Couching Surfing is an interesting community of travellers. If I have more time at home I will host more people. Thanks Steph and Sabine for the memories on the weekend.
The Five Sisters with Steph and Sabine.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sydney Mardi Gras 2016 Video

I was home late last night from for the Mardi Gras and didn't have time to edit the videos. What a wonderful tool modern cameras can do for you. One small package can do both still and videos. As you can see from the many videographers and photographers at the event. 

I was at the event two years ago and since I was a rookie at the event, I didn't get much shots in. But this year with the experienced, I brought along a milk tray which let me get above the crowd and be envied of other on lookers. They will learn the lesson for next year I hope. Enjoy the video!

Sydney Mardigras Parade 2016

Sydney Mardigras Parade 2016 by Travis Chau on

Just got back from the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. Usually with any parades I like to be at the start or the end of the parade. You get all the actions and closer to the subjects. Lucky I have brought a milk tray with me otherwise it would be another unsuccessful Mardi Gras for me. Lesson well learnt from previous failure.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Lake Pedder Lookout, Tasmania Australia 2016

Lake Peddler Lookout Tasmania Australia by Travis Chau on

An amazing lookout over Lake Pedder, Tasmania. A view to cherish for my holiday in Tasmania. I only captured a small fraction of the landscape. A snapshot of the landscape. I wish I could bring more lens but when you travel there was some compromised need to be made. But I still got the shots that I want with one camera and one lens.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Professional Cherry Picker, Self Portrait Tasmania Australia 2016

Professional Cherry Picker Self Portrait by Travis Chau on

I thought the background with the boat and the cherry orchard could make a wonderful portrait so I tried a few things with light painting. This was a 30 seconds exposure. That was me as a professional cherry picker. No I didn't use the boat to pick, it was just in the row of cherries. But there was a river just 100 metres behind me.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Gordon Dam Lookout, Tasmania Australia 2016

Gordon Dam Lookout, Tasmania Australia by Travis Chau on

The road to Gordon Dam Lookout was spectacular but the view from the top of the dam is something else altogether. A trip to Tasmania without visiting this lookout is something one will regret.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park Tasmania Australia 2016

Russell Falls Mount Field National Park Tasmania Australia by Travis Chau on

I have seen many waterfalls in my life but Russell Falls is probably my favourite so far. The peaceful and tranquillity walk to the walk is something I remember for the rest of my life. Tasmania is a wonderful place. Too bad I only have a month there this year. Next time I'll explore the many attractions of this magical island.