Sunday, 3 January 2016

My First Successful Attempt at the Milky Way

Milkyway by Travis Chau on
I have been trying to capture the milky way with the equipments that I have available at my disposal but have usually failed. This photo is probably my best attempted so for. If you look closely at the stars they were trailing. So next time I'll try to get the stars stop not the when it trailing.

The rule is called "500 Rule". Basically you divide your focal length of you lens by 500 and you should shoot at that shutter speed or faster. I was max on my shutter speed on my camera. If next time I shoot the milky-way I have to use this rule and adjust the ISO to get the best exposure. There's something new to learn everyday in photography and ofcourse new adventures and discoveries along the way.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy New Year! First Post for 2015.

Road Trip 2016 by Travis Chau on
I'm still on the road around Australia. Just about finished off my Melbourne, Victoria and South Australia adventures. In about 2 months I have covered 4 states and tomorrow I will set my foot of Tasmania. One of the most beautiful island in the world. 

The year 2015 went really fast for me. After deferring my study and work for 6 months to save up for this adventure. So far everything has turned out more than I expected. Bring on 2016 and more future adventures. If you have a New Year resolution, why not make a plan for an adventures of a lifetime. Back packing could be a great way to do, you could potentially meet some amazing people and you don't know where the roads going to take you. It's just part of the adventures. Good luck and always be happy no matter what's your doing right now.