Friday, 13 November 2015

The Regent Theatre Brisbane City, NSW Australia

Brisbane Regent Theatre by Travis Chau on
I'm back in my comfort room and on the computer blogging. It was a filled and fun 10 days of my life. I was visiting Byron Bay and finished off the trip to Brisbane. I have never photograph Brisbane before so I felt excitement when the bus stopped at Brisbane. I couldn't wait to take my cameras out and explore the city.

There was many surprise in Brisbane and I reckon the Regent Theatre was one of them. I was amazed that  many people especially photographers have never put up anything online. I was doing my research on Brisbane and the city and Southbank were the main attractions but not the Regent Theatre. I think it is up there with the State Theatre in Sydney. 

I wasn't  party hard as I know I am running out of time to photograph everything. So sunset and sunrise was the main objectives of my stay. I don't know how some photographers can claim they have truly explore any city in one day. I just scratched  the surface of Brisbane City. Until next time Brisbane. 

New adventures start tomorrow again this time I might not have many photos opportunities as I am on a working holiday in Young. A small country town in Central NSW, Australia. I am offer a job as a fruit picker for the whole season. If I'm not post anything up then you know I don't have access to a computer an/or the Internet. Keep living the dream.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Byron Bay Lighthouse, Australia 2015

Byron Bay Lighthouse Australia by Travis Chau on

I'm in Byron Bay and having the best time of my life. Byron Bay if you not familiar is the most Easterly of the main land of Australia. It's a backpacker paradise from all over the world gather with many great restaurants and many natural wonders surrounding this tiny town. No wonder it is in the backpacker to visit Byron Bay. I'm only here for less than 24 hours and I'm enjoying right away.

I was here in Byron very early like 4:30am and I though the place was a ghost town but after about 9:30am the crowd starts to build up and you have a carnival atmosphere everywhere you look. I'm staying at the Nomads Hostel right in the heart of the action.

One of the reason why I'm at Byron Bay is my new Lighthouse collection that my sister put the idea into me. So I said why not. So here I am in Byron Bay collection lighthouse to my photo collections. One more to the collection and I have 138 to collect in total.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge 2015 by Travis Chau on
I'm going backpacking up the Australia East coast so I might not have the time to post photos up regularly. I have my laptop with me so I'll try my very best to post everyday. But when you're on the road you want to take photos not posting up what your doing each night. 

But I'll try to make an effort each night on my to post something up. This is my last chance to see Sydney Harbour Bridge for a few months as I am taking up a fruit picking job in central NSW after the backpacking trip up the east coast. I definitely don't have the time to update this blog regularly as I wish I could. Okay lets the journey in my life begins today. First up Byron Bay. 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sydney Zombie Walk 2015

Sydney Zombie Walk 2015 by Travis Chau on
What a great meetup with Sydney Street Photographers. I was the one suggestion this event to the organisers and they ran with it. Everyone attended the event had great photos to share I think. This was probably the easier event to shoot as zombies were a willing subjects. No photographer police around, everyone just simply awesome with the make-up. In general a great fun day out for a worthy cause.