Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ferragosto Festival 2015, Five Dock Sydney Australia

There's so much to do, see and learn when you become a photographer/videographer. Everything is just like a kid's playground to me. I am fascinate with the different culture and drawn to the many experiences just within Sydney alone. I am lucky to live in a multicultural community and basically can experiences or taste or a glimpse of the world just in Sydney.

The Italian community in Sydney has a big community and the Ferragosto show that with the main street in Five Dock basically closed for the whole day. I was walking for about 1km in just one direction and there were food stores, markets and amusement ride for the whole family. Unfortunately I was only there for a few hours as I have another photo-walk with Sydney street photographers in Newtown on the same day. But I'll be back next year for the whole day to to capture the whole experiences. 

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