Monday, 31 August 2015

Heart Break Stairs, Sydney Australia

I still remember the effort to get up the stairs in Hickson Rd closed to Barangaroo to Circular Quay. The newly open Barangaroo Reserve opens new pathway for people to enjoy a more pleasurable walk to the bottom of the Harbour Bridge without going up the "heart break stairs". There also Hickson Rd but you don't get the view before unless you go up the stairs. 

I can' t wait till the whole Barangaroo construction to finish and Vivid Sydney will be bigger and better. From the Opera House all the way to Darling Harbour, with light on the foreshore of the harbour, a dark part of Sydney is now illuminate. Time will tell and there's a new perspective on the Harbour Bridge from Barangaroo Reserve. I have to come back another time to photograph the bridge from this angle.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Golden Dome, Sydney Town Hall

Just as I walk out the Town Hall Station I saw the golden light shining the dome on top of Sydney Town Hall. I took three shots and this was the first one shot which I end up like the best. It always a mystery to photographer why the first shot or the last usually that we like the most. The golden light was gone within half an hour and if you want to photographer it, then the time of the day is in the shot. 

Friday, 28 August 2015

Queen Victoria Building, Sydney Australia

Exploring the city with a telephoto lens can give you interesting shot that you normally don't see everyday. Like this statutes on top on Queen Victoria Building. If you a photographer just use a telephoto lens for  a day and explore the city. The focal length of the lens will determine your shots and give you a new fresh pair of eyes.

This was shot with a fixed Sigma 60mm (120 full frame equivalent) lens that I bought for under $200 bucks and if you shot it at f5.6, you get the sharpest photos for the M43 system. The thing I enjoy about being a M43 shooter is the selection and weight of the lens. There are full frame pure digital camera out there like the Sony Alpha system but the lens are still large, especially the telephoto range. Some photographer bought the idea of full-frame cameras equal higher quality but that's not the true anymore. Technology has caught up and the image quality of smaller sensor is comparable to full frame. 

Most of the photos you see on my blog were shots with a M43 camera, and it's not even the latest and greatest of the system has to offer. So please do yourself a favour consider M43 system seriously and save some money and your back as well. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sydney Opera House Reflection

An angle of Sydney's famous architecture that you never seen before. I have seen a Photoshop reflection photo of the Opera House and believe me I could do it in Photoshop but the challenge to photographer is to capture in the field.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mudgee Wine and Food Festival, Balgoral Beach Sydney Australia

Mudgee is a small Hunter Valley Town where it is famous in the region for it wine and fresh produce. This festival is an annual event in Balmoral Beach in Sydney northern suburb where the the participant wineries showcase the best drop to Sydneysider right next to Middle Harbour. One of Sydney less known but very beautiful beaches.

One of my favourite photo from 2014 was taken in Mudgee and I have fond memories of the place. I wanted to come back and experience Mudgee again. I asked the local if the Town Hall in Mudgee has been finished restoration. And she said yes, so definitely I'll make plan next year to visit Mudgee again to capture that photo that I've missed. Also just to recapture some of the lost photos from 2014. I have one copy on 500px so check it out below.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Colour Run, Sydney Australia

What's the best thing to do on a Sunday morning for a photographer? Got up early for the colourful 5 km run on the planet. I didn't run, I was there to document the event as an unofficial photographer/videographer. But more importantly I was there to enjoy my Sunday morning with 50,000 plus colour runners in Sydney.

Someone was very entrepreneur to came up with this idea and people bought in drove. People were paying over $50 for an adult to participate in the event. I must admit it was fun and something different from your ordinary jog or run, but making big money on a simple idea. My hat off to the entrepreneur that came up with the idea. How come I wasn't the first to come up with that idea?

I think there's better ways to spend that money in my opinion rather than going to a profit organisation. Is "The Color Run" company done anything to give back to the community like promoting exercise since obesity in Australia is the highest in the world. Yes we have beat the American in that area. Go bush walking or to a beach, play with mother nature and it's free. Give your hard earn dollars to a better cause that just my 50 cents take on it.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Haldon Street Festival 2015, Lakemba Sydney Australia

A big weekend of shooting two major events and the Haldon Street Festival is a major event organised by The Canterbury City Council. The main street of Lakemba was closed off for the event and I was pacing up and down on it all day looking for shots.

But the main shots were from the main stage where I have this shot which I think is probably my favourite out of the day. Also check out the video for the feel of Lakemba Haldon Street, it is just like any suburban street in Sydney in my opinion. The media just gave it a bad reputation. 

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ferragosto Festival 2015, Five Dock Sydney Australia

There's so much to do, see and learn when you become a photographer/videographer. Everything is just like a kid's playground to me. I am fascinate with the different culture and drawn to the many experiences just within Sydney alone. I am lucky to live in a multicultural community and basically can experiences or taste or a glimpse of the world just in Sydney.

The Italian community in Sydney has a big community and the Ferragosto show that with the main street in Five Dock basically closed for the whole day. I was walking for about 1km in just one direction and there were food stores, markets and amusement ride for the whole family. Unfortunately I was only there for a few hours as I have another photo-walk with Sydney street photographers in Newtown on the same day. But I'll be back next year for the whole day to to capture the whole experiences. 

Friday, 21 August 2015

Photobook of Newtown's Photowalk

I'm a self published author now. That's sound good right? Blurb photo book is fun to do and it can be done easily with Lightroom Book Module. This is my second time printing out a photo book. I should start to print out more books as I travel around Australia or any journey I've done in my life. It is part of my memories that is on paper. 

The funny thing about being your own publish author is that the price is way too high. I could print it bulk and gets a lot cheaper and sell it back to the public. Or use a kick-starter campaign to great a public interest in the book. I'll might do that one day on a very special project that I wanted more public awareness then I'll print it out in bulk and share it the public.

How much do I make with this book? The cost price is $83 and my profit is $7 dollars. Not even the cost of a memory card these days. I need to sell heaps of book to make a living as an author. I did order one for myself as a personal collection. I'm the first customer. Who want to be the second? You can view the full book above and support me if you like. 

If you want how to make your own book in Lightroom, check out the tutorial by Adobe instructors below. Good-luck with you next book project. It adds another dimension of your creativity and when you out shooting you might think of series of photos that could explain the story better in a book format.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Marrickville Organic Market, Sydney Australia

I've been researching some organic markets around Sydney and Marrickville market has some interesting stuff. I purchased a hand made paper book from Nepal and a very aromatic joystick. I am using the joystick in my car right now, without lighting it, it is still has a very woody sandalwood smell. I am preferred woody aroma than fruity or flower. 

For the photo above, this was a makeup table and they have displayed outside the market. I though that was very interesting so I grabbed two frames. One wide with the makeup and one closed up with the art piece of the table next to the mirror. Great find I say, but for the market it doesn't have many fresh producers which I'm more interested in. 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Newtown' Graffiti "Old Man Walking", Sydney Australia

This is probably one of my favourite out the bunch of graffiti photos that I took on the weekend photo-walk. The details and creativity of the artist is amazing. Unfortunately I don't know the artist name so I could not credit it. Usually with the subculture like graffiti artists they have symbols as their name and only people in the subculture know it. For outsider like most of us, we simple enjoy the art.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Sydney Street Photographers " Newtown's Graffiti Art"

A big turn out to this event organised by Sydney Street Photographers Meetup group. Thanks Raymond and Marcus for organising such a wonderful event again. Again there's always a first for me as well photographing graffiti art in Newtown. 

I have post some of the photos up on Flicker so you can check it out if you want and might as well do yourself a favour and head down to Newtown for some graffiti shots. As always with this kind of event, I'm the run and gun photographer/videographer, so I have both video and photos to share. Check out the video below and if you want to joined the group go to Meetup and look for Sydney Street Photographer. Until next time "f8 and be there".

Sunday, 16 August 2015

The Paragon, Katoomba Blue Mountains Australia

Another great find in the Blue Mountains. This time with a great interior that was based on a old cruise ship. The food was okay but I was there for the old decorations they have there. Want to try good foods? Check out Mountains Pies at Wenthworth Falls, it's a must visit destination from now on when I'm up on the Mountains.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

"Beams" A day in Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia

A surprizing find underneath the viewing deck of Taronga Zoo. I spend half an hour shooting the light beaming through the pool. It happens that I was there around high noon when the light was just perfect for this kind of photography.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

"Grand Canyon" Track in the Blue Mountains

Just before Winter leaves us for another year I thought to myself why not get a taste of the last Winter chill. So today I was back to Blue Mountains and experienced one of the best bush walking in my life. I think my fitness is getting better as the last time I have so many steep climb I was struggled to breath. That's what happen when you were a smoker for many years like I have been. At least I know the lungs are recovering. 

Anyway today I want to experience something different in the mountains so I did some research online and came up with a few ideas. One of the thing I want to experience was getting back to nature, so bush walking was on the menu and a few other eateries that I haven't been before was also on the menu.

The "Grand Canyon" walk is roughly 3.5-hours walk depends on you fitness level. It was one of the most enjoyable walk I have done this year. It was so peaceful and tranquil. A real getaway from the bustling and hustling of Sydney. Just 90 minutes drive and you're in a different world.

Check out my video below for a taste of what it like in the "Grand Canyon" of the Blue Mountains. The reflective pool was probably my favourite with the sun beaming through and the small stream reflects the light on the limestone. It's just magical one should experience it personally. Word cannot describes it, check out the video below.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney Australia

I am been collecting some of the historical houses in Sydney. The so called living museums. So far I have two in my collections. This was Elizabeth Bay House, I think I have more but wasn't purposely photograph for the collection. Especially the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, I'm pretty sure I have photograph the exterior of that building before, but now I know about it more I'll explore it more. 

I also need to come back to Elizabeth Bay House to explore the interior as well. I was there around 10am and the opening hour was 11am-4pm. Too bad I was on a time schedule and didn't want to waste one hour sitting around waiting for the opening. So next time Elizabeth Bay House.

I was using the trees to frame the house, I have shot the house by itself but it's boring so I only share that I reckon was more pleasing to me. The view from the top of the house is spectacular overlooking one of Sydney premium suburb.

Monday, 10 August 2015

St Thomas Church, North Sydney Australia

I have heard of North Sydney has many churches to photograph and I am glad that I've taken the time to explore this part of town. This church was St Thomas Church which I have used Lightroom to stitched a big panorama together.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Colour Challenge No.2, Sydney Street Photographer Meetup Group

Colour Theme No.2

What a great time with the colour theme at today photowalk with Sydney Street Photographers Meetup group. This was my third time joined the group for a walk around Sydney and today theme was a colour challenge. Basically what it was before the walk everyone picked out of an envelop a colour and they have to photograph that colour as the theme. Very simple but also tricky as the same time if you never done a one colour theme before. I picked out "Green".

I once remember the last time I had a colour theme when I was out shooting was Chinese New Year. I choose red as the theme instead of randomly shoot everything on the street. If you don't have a photo meet up in your area, just simply pick a colour or a pattern and shoot that particular theme for the rest of the walk. Something to excite you about your own photography. The photos are on Flicker to you can check out now.

With this theme I was looking low, high and everything in between. So the shots you see in my album on Flicker represent where I was looking for green. It great training idea for your photography. So pick a theme and shoot. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Watson Bay Moon Set, Sydney Australia

My plan was to photograph the light house at Watson Bay as I have a new goal that probably going to take me a lifetime to complete. To photograph all the active lighthouses in Australia. What a better way to document my travesl than photograph all the light houses around Australia. It wasn't my idea, my sister put into my mind. So I though, why not?

However, I was drawn to the clouds and the full moon on this lovely Winter morning. So a decision was made to stay and shot the moon set over looking downtown Sydney's CBD. You could actually see a glimpse of the Harbour Bridge from over the hill. I need a panorama and shot with a telephoto lens to bring the moon closer and much bigger than using the wide angle. And that's a tip there for you.

Friday, 7 August 2015

King Cross Apartment, Sydney Australia

A walk around the sleazy King Cross suburb of Sydney find myself exploring some old buildings that have some charm about them. King Cross was a party town now is it a ghost town after 2am with the new law coming out recently which restrict opening hours. How is that a democracy society when we have one rule apply to one suburb and not the rest of Sydney? I'm not a party goer much these days but when I was a party goer 2am is still young for me.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Dee Why Sunrise, Sydney Australia

My aim was driving to Palm Beach to take some photos of the light house up there but I was half an hour late. So the best thing I did was turn my car to Dee Why. And I was rewarded with the one of the best sunrise I have seen for a long time. 

Dee Why is a northern suburbs beach that this was my first time set foot on it. There was less tourists not like Bondi or Manly and the beach is comparable to both of them. The pool in the foreground is accessible to all and is right next to ocean. Come before sunrise and you have the whole pool to yourself plus you have to share with other landscape photographers as well. But the photographers are not there for the pool.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Bradleys Head Light Painting

Second time at Bradleys Head, the first time I have stuffed up some of the photos. So the following Sunday I was back to finished the photos. Get it out of my system. I was supposed to go out and do some light painting every full moon this year but unfortunately I haven't managed to do it. This could count as one of the full moon that I did light painting. And it's Winter here in Sydney Australia so that was my excuses.

The auto focus of the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 is pretty amazing. It can focus in the dark no problem. I was manual focus the last time I was at Bradleys Head and I stuff it up or probably the unsteady shots from my table top tripod I was using. Anyway I have came back to the same place and get the photos that I wanted.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Australia Day 2015

I think I have to put more efforts in editing some of the videos I have taken in the past few years. I am way behind, like about two years worth of assets. Especially the time-lapse videos. Check out the video of Australia Day 2015. I probably post more videos up at least one per week. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

North Head Walk

One of the best kept secret of Sydney is North Head, Manly Sydney Australia. You could have a nice walk, run, bicycle in the very well lay paths. I was in awe of the beauties of Banksia in full bloom during the walk and many wild flowers were on displayed. And of-course the view of the Sydney's CBD from North Head is worth every efforts.