Thursday, 30 July 2015

Frenchs Forest Market, Sydney Australia

There so much to do on a Sunday morning like going to this great market in the northern suburb of French Forest. I was after some fresh organic produces as I am into health as well. A few week ago I was poisoned by a strawberries that I bought from an inorganic farmer. I did go to the farmer directly but I didn't ask the farmer directly if he sprayed the crops. With the price I was paying for the strawberries I suspect it was organic. But I was so wrong, my body reacted to it really badly and my most of my fingers became swollen/odema. 

Yeah so no strawberries for a while for me unless I know the farmers didn't stray anything on the crop. I am been looking around for the organic market around Sydney and this was one of them. I have to check out other organic markets as well. But I really like the feel and the atmosphere of French Forest Market. The parking was a bit tricky as well. There's enough parking but you have to there early and bring a trolley of some sort as I've learnt the hard way if you plan to buy a lot.

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