Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Australian Museum

I can't remember the last time I have visited a museum. But the Australian museum have a free entry for two days so I though to myself why not make the most of the gift. I was really surprise by the vast collections of Australian culture on display.

But more importantly I was there to check out the work of nature photographers. They have an exhibition on show of the best nature photographer from around the world. There were some amazing photos on show. Some photos were over 10 years in the making. No Instantgram here of-course.

I disvovered from the meta data were most of the photos on show are from a DSLR and non from a mirrorless camera. Hey what's going on here. Is there a ignorant about mirrorless camera from the judges or the photos come of out the mirrorless camera not worthy of making to finalized selection? From what I have seen online with mirrorless cameras they are equal on par with most DSLR.

Enough complaining about the judges and lack of mirrorless entrants to the competition but the view from the 4th level of Sydney CBD was amazing. Too bad they open at the worst hour so I couldn't come back for sunset at the Australian Museum. Oh well maybe they have a night exhibition on one day and I'll be there to get the shot of Sydney CBD from Australia Museum angle.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Jamison Lookout Wenthworth Falls Blue Mountains NSW Australia

As I was driving in to the Wentworh Fall car park I was hoping there were fogs around and my wish came true. I was the first in the car park and only in the vast landscape all by myself. A wonderful experience with the birds were singing and fog just mysterious dancing to the tune of the birds.

I took videos and time-lapse photography of this magical event so I could share it with people later. Here is just a preview of what to come as I prefer time lapse photography over just photography. It takes greater effort but the results are just WOW.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Winter Magic 2015 Wrestling Match

If you want to be entertained then I highly recommend going and see a wrestling match. It is a bit of sports, a touch of comedy and full of agony, which makes great entertainment.

After recharged my camera batteries I was ready for the fireworks display at Carrington Hotel. I got something to each and found a wrestling match. So after finishing my Mexican grab I took a few photos and this probably my favorite shot.

I was using a Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 as the light was gone rapidly, so I definitely need a fast lens and a faster shutter speed to free the action. My trusted cheap Leica brand lens deliver the goods when you need it. 

Sports photography is another genre of photography that could be fun but it could be very expensive as you need fast lens. Especially the super telephoto lens and that goes up in price as you lower the f-stop. Luckily for me, my interest are with people and landscape so a normal wide angle and few portrait lens will do me just fine. 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Winter Magic 2015 Fireworks Above Carrington Hotel

To round off the Winter Magic 2015, there was always a fireworks display above Carrington Hotel. One of the oldest and biggest in Katoomba. I was at Winter Magic last year and didn't have a shutter release so I just simply watch the display at nearly exact location.

I was determined to get this shot as I have missed it last year. So I went home happy with all the shots that I have missed in the bag ready to share with the world. So my day trip to the Blue Mountains this year was a great success.

The fireworks was okay, not spectacular like Sydney NYE fireworks or Darling Harbour. But this is the mountains, there wasn't any place where you could set up fireworks. And this was shot above the Carrington Hotel. So I cannot complaint about it. But if you really care about your fireworks then I'll suggest Darling Harbour, they have it every Saturday so you could practice it at your own will.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Battleship, Sydney Australia

When I was scouting around Mrs Macquarie's Chair I noticed this Navy battleship. I think I have a few in my collection already. I've never bothered to learn the name of each one. Maybe I need to study my subject deeper. Oh well next time. I'll do more research on the Australia Navy fleet. It's not big so, it shouldn't be hard at all to learn about it.

The land on the other-side is off limit to the general public as it is government land, that's where the navy barrack is located. They have probably one of the best view of the harbour looking to the West I reckon. It would be something if I could shoot there one day during sunset. Preferable in Winter time where the sun actually set right on the bridge. 

This photo was one out of four shots that I think were keeper during last Sunday sunset at Mrs Macquarie's Chair. That was a pretty good hit rate. I wish I could produce similar photos often but I don't. It is sometime the location that makes the photograph for you. You just need to be there at the right time and right place. And with the skills to capture it all ofcourse. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Winter Magic 2015 Parade

In the process of developing the photos I took from last Saturday Winter Magic Festival. The parade was always the highlight of Winter Magic. You have some many characters on show and each year the theme changes so people creativity were on show at the parade.

There was so many memorable photos that I took of the parade but perhaps my favourite out of them all is this one here. I don't know there was something about the expression and the joy by the subject that makes the photograph. A free spirit that captivate me again and again every time I look at this photo.

Does anyone know this lady on the photo? Let me know, I'll like to pass this photo on to her. 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pointer Gap Lookout, South Coast NSW Australia

It was a very difficult drive to get up the mountain as we didn't have a 4WD The road has not been repaired ever since it was built I think. But the view from the Pointer Gap Lookout was spectacular. It as worth the effort to risk our car to get witness the scene.

On the left of the photo is Lake Conjola, that was where we stay for two nights. On this lookout you could see the whole lake and the far Pacific sea. I wish I could go up here during good lights. That's for next time when I have a vehicle that is safe to go up here early in the morning.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Three Sisters, Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia

I wanted this photo for over two years after the first time I have seen the fog photo of the three sisters a few years ago. I know I have to be  at Echo Point Lookout early to get the morning fog and mist in the air. And ofcourse it has to be somewhere around Winter where the best chance of fog.

Now I just have another photo in mind now and it is going to take me a life time to create it. A photo of three sisters covered in snow. One problem with this photo in my mind right now is a rare event in Katoomba to have snow. The last time I think it snow in Katoomba was about 10 years ago and it on the news if that happened. I had ice on my windscreen late at night in the Blue Mountains but never snow. So you never know, if I imagine it long enough I'll eventually get it.

There is right now a post card I received from Blue Hotel after a great dinner and jazz musical on my to do list. As a gift everyone received a post card of the three sisters and it was taken in 1971 and the three sister was covered in snow. I am now have a new vision of the Three Sisters and encourage me to go up the mountain to take the photo.

This photo took me two years to have in my collection, maybe the "Three Sisters Covered in Snow" might take me twenty years to have in my collection. Time will tell if I could take photos for that long. But now I have a new challenge to grab this iconic photo.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Winter Magic Festival 2015 "Peace" Katoomba Blue Mountains NSW Australia

A day trip to the Blue Mountains again, this time was for the Winter Magic Festival. I missed the parade last year, but this year I was there early like sunrise. I planned my trip so I could take photographs of the Katoomba world famous "Three Sisters" at sunrise and I wasn't disappointed. It had everything that I wanted. A fog dissipating slowly creating a mystical and alluring landscape that is the Blue Mountains National Park.

There were only 3 other fellow photographers there early with me. A couple from the England and another all the way from Bowral, NSW. It was cold but worth the effort. I didn't have to fight over the crowd for a good spot. I just love sunrise and Winter for that reason.

My Winter Magic program was full on from 9am to late, so my plan was to have a coffee and breakfast and enjoy some laughs with the poets gathering at the Family Hotel in Katoomba. More importantly recharge my Panasonic battery. Last year I was running out of batteries, the cold weather really drains your batteries so be prepare to bring a lots of batteries and if possible charger as well.

The parade starts at 11:30am and I want to get to the beginning of the parade that's where you get all the actions of any parade. I was walking among the crowd when on Main Street in Katoomba and manage to get to half way before the street was closed off for the beginning of the parade. So I stood there on the side and photograph the parade. I didn't manage any video footage of the parade unfortunately.

After the parade ended, I was walking around to catch some street photography. It is really the street portraits that I was after and Winter Magic never disappoint and you have so many willing subjects to choose from that if you were a shy photographer then Winter Magic or any dress up parade is where you can practice your skills.

There event had so many activities and the trick is to let your feet wondering around. I was also waiting for the fireworks at the end of the day at Carrington Hotel. I missed that shot last year so I was determine to get it this year. And I did get it, the fireworks display was not Darling Harbour or Sydney Harbour Fireworks but it better than nothing.

I ended the day with a course dinner and jazz at the Blue Hotel. I was looking at the official Winter Magic website and was curious to what's other events after the fireworks and I found Hollywood Noir show interesting. So I booked the dinner and entertainment. I had a great dinner and live music. A great day trip to the Blue Mountains once again. I just love the Blue Mountains.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Winter Magic 2014 Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW Australia

Winter Magic in Katoomba was an event that I've heard about from another traveler when I was in Coonamble for the rodeo. They were from the Blue Mountains. I missed the parade which start around 11am. I had work in the morning so I missed the parade, I heard that was the best part. I didn't miss it completely. I just got there in time for the end of the parade.

When I photograph a parade I prefer to shoot at the beginning or at the end anyway. That's where you get the best shots. As this was the first time I was involved in the Winter Magic, I stayed till the end for the fireworks. I didn't get any good shot of the fireworks, I didn't have a cable release with me at the time so no point in trying to shot fireworks without it.

While I was waiting these locals ask me to take photo of them. I was hesitate first but I brought out my flash and start bouncing around. This was the first shot that I took with the flash bouncing on a white temporary gazebo. I was glad it was white otherwise it would be difficult to achieve the result that I was after. Soft light.

With post processing I learnt this technique a few months later and went back to the photo and processed it again. It turn out great and I simply enjoy the expression and the whole feel of the photo. It looks like she was drawing him. 

This post was schedule to be coincided with Winter Magic 2015 and this year I'm back again on time ofcourse. Hopefully I see them again as we promised that we meet back there again at the same place for this year Winter Magic. I'm sure they are a willing subject.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Sydney's Skyline Reflection Tutorial

First time I've successfully do this simple trick in Photoshop. But first up you need to have a good shot in the first place before you're using Photoshop to make it surreal to your taste of course. Okay let's talk about how I do this if you want to do this yourself. Go ahead and do it. I have learnt this trick from Scott Kelby.

1) Select the skyline.
2) Control J or Command J. (That's make a copy in a new layer)
3) Control T or Command T. Using the free transform tool and flip it upside down. You nearly there.
4) Using motion blur in the effect filter. I select about 25 pixels for this blur that it's up to you  how much you want it. Need to also adjust the angle of the blur to imitate water or true reflection.
5) (Optional) If you using a wide angle lens try to adjust the buildings perspective with select the building and free transform tool to straighten the buildings. Need to mask out some area when you done.
6) (Optional) If you could lower the exposure of the water reflection just a touch that's really sell the fake as well. 
7) Congratulations you're done.You now create a fake reflection shot in your photo. This is simple yet powerful tool in Photoshop that you could use to enhance or expand your vision.

If you find this tips and tricks useful, let me know in the comment below. I love to hear what you have done with it and share the shots with me as well.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Woolloomooloo Bay, Sydney Australia

I had a similar photo which I've lost. This time I need to publish it as soon as possible and if something goes wrong with my hard-drives then I still have a copy somewhere on the internet. From my past lost, nowadays I am publishing all my photos that is worthy of publishing. No need to hide in the hard-drives and hard-drives corrupt unfortunately.

For me publishing up on the net to photo sharing site or social media act as a cloud storage. I am not doing this as a profession so there's no need for cloud storage. But I must be very careful with my photos. At least backup twice your photos. If I have an important I double and even triple my back-up before I can go to sleep.

It was painful to lose all your shots in one year, but I know I can re-shoot it again. If I travel outside Australia. I am definitely going to double backup and never delete my cards until I'm sure that I have secure my memories in multiple places.

For this shot here, I am surprise that not many photographers have taken this shot. I am seem to be the only one interested in this section of the harbour. I know the Harbour Bridge and Opera House just opposite this that's the reason. But as a photographer you want to take as many shots as you can. It not the thousand of similar shots of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House that every tourists want to get. Come on there's more to Sydney than those two icons.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cinemagraph of Sydney's Opera House and Harbour Bridge


When I first learnt about cinemagraph I though it was cool idea. I didn't learn straight away but wait a year before actually get my hand around to learn to do it properly. And the software issue to do it right in the first place.

You could do it with Photoshop and there is tutorial online to share this process. That's how I've learnt it. And you need Photoshop to get the file into animation for viewing on the web. So this will loop forever. A photo that moves, a concept that most photographer right now are getting into. In another word, motion or video. That's two word right?

It easy to learn how to do it. Mostly software and if you own Photoshop you could do it there. I was experiment with After Effects as well and with some footage it was better to do in After Effects. I share some of it later.

If you have a look at yesterday post, I had a HDR photo up with an average sunset. This was one of those magical sunset that other photographers just dream of. And I have it in motion for ever. Too bad I have lost the original raw capture. Damn hard-drive, can't the manufacturers make things to last.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Mrs Macqaurie Point Sunset

Winter is the best time to take photo of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House during golden hour and blue hour. The problem with this hot spot is so many cameras pointing to the icons and you are bound to get some heated conversion.

Some novice sunset seekers and photographers sometime get to me. Come on guys there always tomorrow, don't have to shout at people for getting in your shot. There also Photoshop to get rid of those unwanted tourists or other fellow photographer like your truly. Yeah I was jumping on the the rocks you saw on the photo and one girl from the back shouted out at me because I did that? Some people reckon they own the sunset. I had my vendetta when she stood right in my lens where no Photoshop can clone out. I yelled out "Get out of my shot" really LOUD, I reckon the people from the top of the Harbour Bridge can still hear me. Then I asked her "How do you feel now?" No responded. I was bad, shouldn't done that should I?

We must also think of the tourists that come here if the attitude of our residents were like this particular girl then no matter how beautiful the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House during sunset. The encounter with an friendly locals can really spoil the whole experiences. It certainly affect me during my time there and I'm sure other people will have similar negative reactions to it. It certainly spoil an average sunset for me, it wasn't the most spectacular sunset anyway. And I have seen better at this spot. Oh well next time and I'll be more careful and not get in people shots to avoid this kind of scenarios.

If we want to keep the hot spot like Mrs Macquarie Chair, we must share and protect it. This same girl litter beer bottles at this hot spot as well. I didn't want to bring it up to their faces as they were enjoying the sunset. But are these people environmentalists? They probably got into photography not that long that's why they a bit careless about things like this. I'm excused them. How do I know they were a novice photographer? By looking at the cheap tripod and try to do long exposure on it. 

When they have a bit more time with photography and travel a bit more they'll appreciate the things that we have right now and not be so careless about it. And the bins provided by the Council just 20 metres walk from this particular spot. Come on Sydney Council please provide more rubbish bins so people not litter.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Cinemagraph Madonna and Child Christmas 2014

A a few cinemagraphs I did of Christmas Lighting at Sydney St Mary's Cathedral that I have shared on Google +. First time I have experiment with time-lapse and combining it with cinemagraph. The animation was out of this world.
Madonna and Child
The first experiment I have to lower the resolution so it could easily load on the web. But with animation it could take a while for the internet to catch up. So I decided to lower the resolution.

The Light of Christmas
The Light of Christmas was an inspiration I got from the light show. I though if there was light from the windows it could make a very dramatic scenes. And it did.

Let there be light.
 "Let there be light" was done after the Sydney's hostage saga. I though I do something to heal the heart of people in Sydney. I was at Martin Place for the Christmas light show just a few days before the event happened so it sadden me greatly. The media just pounding the negative on every channel. Man can't we move on?
Autumn Madonna and Child
 This was probably my favorite out of the cinemagraphs. I just love autumn.

Orange Madonna and Child

Red Madonna and Child
 This was not the perfect execution of the mask that I did in After Effects. You could see some outline. It was harder as the light keep on changing. So I can excuse myself for that mistake.

Madonna and Child Reflection

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Milton Scarecrow Festival 2015: Dancers, Musicians and Artists on Show

I'm editing some footages I took from last week Milton Scarecrow Festival. I am impressed with the quality of the talents at this small coastal town just 3 hours drive from Sydney. A great day trip by the way.

Is it the water here better than Sydney? Something about Milton that I am in love with. I need to schedule my time and visit it again. Hopefully I could do it soon. When you are a multimediagrapher you are richer because when ever you go, you capture the essence of the place with your skill as an photographer, videographer and audio recorder. You basically capture two major senses to aid in your memories.  

I know some people complaining about editing video, but I've found video editing is another challenge to anyone could overcome. Video is a better medium to tell and share your stories.What ever the story is, video is a superior media period. 

The camera manufacturers are agreeing with me on this. They are producing camera that could capture this two major senses to aid our memories of our experiences. Is is not for professional to use high end camera to record the memories but everyday people could do it as well. my prediction is within the next five years we going to see a decline in camera sales, but an increase in multimedia tool. A tool like the newly announced Sony a7R Mark II that can capture still and video at a very high quality. 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Milton Scarecrow Festival 2015: Video Edited with Edius 7

I'm learning a new video editing software called Edius. I was using Adobe Premere Pro for most of my videos editing work but I am running a slow computer right now, actually I am editing the whole video on my laptop computer. I am impressed with the way Edius handled video editing.

When I was using the effect for example image stabilised, the rendering time was lesser compare to other video editing program. And it can play in real time if you have a fast enough computer which is great for video editing. The problem with video is the time it takes to edit your footages. Edius seems to handle it quite magnificently. 

I heard about Editus about a week ago when I was looking at a Youtube footage of someone shooting an OMD-EM5 Mark II. All shot hand held and the footage came out great. So I am aiming to get the OMD-EM5 Mark II soon for the freedom it gives a run and gun multimediagrapher like myself. The tripod is great but sometime you just want to carry less stuff  when you travel, and the OMD Mark II delivers the goods for still and video.

The video just just a few shot that I managed to grab when  I was walking along Milton. The theme was scarecrow and I think I managed to get most of the scarecrows on show for this year. I was inviting back for next year as well. The people seems very friendly. I had a great chat with two ladies from the art community at Milton. They suggested to me to do a photography book, self publish again with Blurb I think and they suggested I bring it along next year. I'll do that. Yeah just enjoy the video and please share it for me. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Big Panorama Photo of Pearl Beach Sunset, NSW Australia

Just got my computer fixed so I could do some serious post processing on some of the photos I took earlier. It still couldn't handle video editing with Photoshop though. I used to work on Premier Pro for video editing but I have reduced my subscription to Adobe Photography Plan only so editing video must be done in other programs or Photoshop.

Vivid Sydney is coming up and I want to upgrade my computer so it could do some serious editing. The laptop that I have right now it's okay for browsing the internet but some serious graphic and video editing is just couldn't handle it.

This panorama stitch took around 5 minutes to stitched everything together and there was about 8 photos. Lightroom CC handled it no problem. I going to start edit some large panorama now since I got my computer back. Still I need a serious upgrade for 4K video editing in the future.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Kiama Lighthouse, NSW South Coast Australia

This was the first time that I have been to Kiama when the light was good. I have planned my trip well and reward with one of the best sunrise I have seen so far this year. I don't get to see sunrise much but I reckon it's just a bit better than sunset. Everything seems quiet and peaceful and you don't have to fight with anyone for a view. I was one of the first to get to the light house when the light house had light.

I took some HDR photos but haven't have the time to process that yet. I reckon it was one of the most beautiful photo I have taken of light house up to now. I was on my way to Milton and end up bought a book about the history of lighthouse around Australia. There are 138 functional/operational lighthouses around Australia. I have taken at least 10 so far from memory. The book cost me $10 used but it's worth it I reckon just to learn a little bit more about my subject. Also act as a target for me to shoot at. 

My goal was to photograph all the post office around Australia, mind as well collect lighthouses since I'm going to travel to all this locations. And Australia is an island nation, why not take photos of lighthouses and add to my photo collections. That was my sister idea, I though it was a great idea so I'll take it on. Kiama Lighthouse is the first that I have written about in my blog but in due time more light houses will light up my blog.

Selfie at Kiama Blowhole

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Cinemagraph Canowindra Balloon Festival 2014

Cinemagraph Sunset Balloons
The biggest balloon festival in Australia is definitely the Canowindra Balloon Festival. Conowindra is roughly 5 hours drive from Sydney and one hour drive from Cowra. There was competition from competitors all around the world. It is a sports to some not simply a joy ride on a peaceful balloon.

I am fascinate with hot air balloon when I read Richard Branson's autobiography about the adventure he had with hot air balloon. Branson is one of my business hero. A can do attitude and dare to dream big. If your an entrepreneur then I highly recommend Branson's autobiography.

My memories of the festival was scatter around and this cineagraph help me relived the adventure I had at Canowindra. A lovely place and a great family adventure. I was travelling during Autumn for this road trip and the scenery around country NSW was simply magical. A trip that expand my horizon and feed the travel bugs in me. 

Unfortunately I don't have the raw original footage anymore, please back up your photos at least 3 places. It is too precious to lose everything. And it hurts and you care about your photography and more importantly your memories. That's what photography is all about, capturing the memory forever and make it a prisoner for life, if you have a reliable storage medium.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015: I'm doing hyper-lapsed photography

Hyper Lapse: First Frame

What is hyper-lapsed photography you might ask? It's just time-lapse photography on steroids that's all. Search Youtube for hyper-lapsed photography and you get to see some of the amazing videos on the net right now. Mostly of buildings as the subject is easier too shoot but it gives you a great perspective on how photography and software these days can really push the creative boundary of still and motion. 

For anyone never try time-lapse photography I suggest you pick it up. It's a great start to emerge yourself to motion picture and that's where photography is leading. There's more people viewing Youtube than Flicker today.

The framing of hyper-lapse photography is the same as any photography but some planning need to be done in advanced before you take the first shots. You want to plan your path or motion so nothing obstruct your shot is a great start as well. How many shots you want to take? A typical video frame rate is 24-30 frames/second, you need about 7 seconds for a cut. So roughly 200 frames or shots. More will be better but it takes longer to do in the field and in post. 
Hyper Lapse: Last Frame

Since you are moving the camera and the subject is moving at the same time. If you shoot in day time try to include clouds in you shot, any clouds in your time-lapse or hyper lapse can make very interesting shots. Good luck!

I'll share my shots of Vivid Sydney soon after I have finished edit it and you definitely need a fast computer to do time-lapse and hyper-lapsed photography. The process is software driven, and doing any videos really test your computer.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Milton Scarecrow Festival 2015

A new adventure starts at Milton today with the Milton's Scarecrow Festival. It was a new event on the Queen's Birthday June Long Weekend and the locals do anything to attract the city dwellers to country town.

Milton is roughly 3 hours drive from Sydney and 2 and half hours from Canberra. So it is a day trip for most people from the two major cities. The town is famous for it historical bakery with over 100 years old. It just out of town a little bit so if you not looking for it you can easily skip on the Princess Highway.

For this trip here, I woke up early at 4am to get ready to leave the house at 5am. I like Winter as I know I can sleep in a a little. But this trip I want to capture a sunrise photo of Kiama Lighthouse which is roughly 1 and half hours drive from my home. So still have to set the alarm for an early rise. But the sunrise at Kiama was spectacular, it makes the trip worth it for me. 

Back to Milton, I have been to Milton before but never dropped in to have a closer look. This time I was, just the town alone. I've heard the locals said the beaches are great as well. So that is reserve for my next trip down South to Milton.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015: Darling Harbour on Fire

Still continues with Darling Harbour this time with a glorious fountain display. The background makes the shot for me with the lights on the building and the spinning Ferris Wheel.

I was using a short telephoto lens so you can get see closed in on the action and it certain makes the difference in the shot. I know cityscape and landscape you should use a wide angle lens but it makes things so small. Sometime a good telephoto lens can isolate the subject alone and makes the shot.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Somewhere in Country Victoria, Australia

The end of long road trip was met with great sadness as I want to live this lifestyle for as long as I could. All day you just travel and in your mind was just photography. When you wake up in the morning you wanted to catch some sunrise and later on the day you want to capture the sunset. What a wonderful life if I could do it everyday, but unfortunately not everyone could do.

The road trip to Victoria and The Great Ocean Road was one of the highlight of 2014. My sister and I we travel a lot during 2014. Seeing new places and experiment with fascinating subject matters. The Great Ocean Road was very memorable. I love to experiences it again. 

After staying in Prince Town for one night, we packed up everything and drove back home. I was pointing my camera to the landscape along the road for last minute drive by shooting. This was one of those shots. Somewhere on the way from Prince Town to the main motor way back to Sydney.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015:Darling Harbour Show

The light show at Darling Harbour was not as good as previous year but I still get some great photos out of it. Check out the reflections. I just love calm water for photography or anywhere near water. You are going to get great photos if you look for it. If you shooting somewhere next to water, look for reflections in your shot.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015: Pylon Lookout on the Harbour Bridge Walk

One of the joy of Vivid is walking across the Harbour Bridge where at Pylon lookout you can enjoy nearly everything Vivid has to offer. I have taken a lots of photo during Vivid Sydney 2015 and the photo I took on the Python Lookout is one my favourite. It's not a perfect photo but it certainly comes close to my ideal what's make Vivid Sydney so great and show case my beloved Sydney to the world.

What was your favourite photos or moment during Vivid? My was certainly the first night when it's rain the whole night. It makes wonderful photography. Too bad for non-photographer, they have to endured the rain and cold.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015: Darling Harbour Ferris Wheel

Darling Harbour usually put up a great show during Vivid and this year was no different. It was a hot spot for Vivid besides Circular Quay. There was a new building that somewhat block some view. I hope the building is just a temporary solution as the Sydney Exhibition and Convention Centre are undergone renovation so I hope they take it down when the new building is completed.

At least they have the sense to decorated the roof of the new buildings with light so it match the theme of Vivid Sydney. Also new was the ferris wheel installation. It could be a great experience to be on top of the wheel when the fireworks start firing. But it was the luck of the draw as the line could be very long during Vivid.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015: Sydney Town Hall

Town Hall has been undergoing renovation to restore it to it glory. So taking photos around those time you be disappointed. But I think they have Vivid Sydney in mind for the completion date. Perfect for the lightshow and for photographers like us.

I went across the road to capture this shot. I don't have a fish-eye or super wide angle at the moment in my lens collection. I am eyeing on a few super wide angle lens at the moment. The Olympus Pro lens are coming out as well but that just our of my budget. So I'm looking for a budget solution to my problem. Use your feet. That's the budget solution for you.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Vivid Sydney 2015 Kirribilli Sydney Harbour Bridge

What can I say more? What a sight of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. An icon testing the true test of time witnessing the best of Sydney by night has to offer. Somehow today only half the bridge was lit up? 

For the shot it was so easy just to shot the bridge but I have no foreground. The trick to good landscape is to have foreground, middle ground and background. If you could composed your shot to have all 3 elements then the chance of it been a great shot is high. But photography is very subjective so who's know that some people might like some don't. But I like that's the main thing. When I'm out shooting, I photograph for myself and the person to please is me. I know very self-centered but that's the life of an artist.