Friday, 1 May 2015

Mallacoota Sea Shell, Victoria Australia

Sunrise at Mallacoota Lake. After taking numerous time-lapse shots which I haven't the time to put together as yet. I need a faster computer to put the raw files into a time-lapse movie. It could be one of my best time-lapse piece. Have to wait and see.

For this photo, the sky had lost it colour so I decide to put into black and white. I saw this rock with the seashell on it which I though it could be an interesting photo. Hope everyone like it like I do when I revisit the photos after 5 months has passed.

When I'm out shooting, I rather over shoot than under shoot. Especially a location that you might not likely to revisit again. I'm not sure when will be the next time I visit this part of the world but Mallacoota is a paradise on Earth. Every time I revisit my photos, all the wonderful memories of the place returns to me. I just love what photography is, a memory in photo.

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