Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Canberra's 100th Birthday Sunset

I was visiting Canberra for the 100th Birthday of the Capital City of Australia. We plan to catch the sunset and the fireworks at the same time. I was lucky to have a great parking spot. It was cold but the anticipation of the fireworks and the sunset was the most spectacular I have ever seen until that point.

I have only taken up photography for less than 3 years and looking back through my photos how I have change and the memory of it. I was using a Canon 7D at the time, my sister camera. She lend it to me for the trip. I put on a 100-400mm lens to capture a small piece of the landscape. There was another photographer friend from Melbourne who saw the beautiful landscape as well. It was really far, I remember zoom out really far to get a piece of the landscape to share here.

The golden sunset changes colour about every seconds or so. I was waiting for the magenta to show up and it did. I have tone this photo differently, but I pretty sure there was some magenta in the clouds after the sun had gone down.

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