Thursday, 12 March 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia

Yet another day shooting the Harbour Bridge. Usually after work or studying nowadays I have my photo walk. It is my exercise for the day. I start out from Darling Harbour and walk all the way to the Opera House's steps. It is a 5km walk I think, I haven't measured the distance and how many calorie I have burnt up. I'm not a fitness junkie, but I'm in to health though. 

Photography is a great hobby to have and save a lot of money on fitness and gym membership. Do your body a favour and take a self photo-walk and get healthy. Hopefully you have some interesting photos to share.

With this photo, I like the foreground in the photos. The umbrella makes an interesting foreground. Usually at this location, there's not much interesting foreground unless you but some people in your shot. But with people, they move and for long exposure it does not make great photography normally.

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