Sunday, 8 March 2015

Bird Cages Couple, Martin Place Sydney Australia

Martin Place was in the news lately for the wrong reasons. Rest assure that is it still a great place to visit and has many area to photograph. One of these is the back lane with bird cages hanging up in the sky.

I have photograph the bird cage by itself before but with some a human element into the frame it adds uniqueness to the shot. This was taken on Valentine's Day so the couple was out in force. This couple didn't know I took this photo initially and they start to do their own things. However, after a few frames they start to noticed me. They though I was photographing the bird cages, but with a wide angle lens, I got them into the frame as a nice foreground to the photograph.

The bird cages has many wedding photographers excited as a unique background to the wedding photos and if you ever in Sydney have a look around for it. If you into urban exploration photography then this is a great spot in Sydney for that. Not many unique decorations like this one around I reckon.

As for the post processing of the photo, I used Capture One Pro 8 to processed the photos. A little split tone was used. I only moved the shadow sliders and moved the sliders to your taste. With split toning, is a matter of experiment and there's no formula really. Every photo is unique when you do split toning. Split tones gives a great look and can lead you to places that you don't expect your photo can go to. Try it out next time in your post processing.

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