Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Custom House Christmas Tree 2014

Sometime f8 at 1/250 can be boring. I experiment a little bit with my camera and see what images I can create. Something different, not necessary better and was done in camera which I enjoy more than post processing.

  • ISO 160 | Aperture f16 |Shutter 13 seconds
  • A sense of exploration.

  1. 1) On a tripod for half the exposure (this to ensure some part of the photo still remains sharp)
  2. 2) Move the camera to taste. (experiment with a few movements or move camera upside down, sideways etc)
  3. 3) Check your result and repeat the process.

I taught this to a random girl on this particular night with DSLR on Auto. Show her how to shoot in Manual and she got similar but different shots, all unique though. I got a big "Thank you" and all is what I need. She really amazed and surprised that a camera can do that.

Try it and see what happens next year with Christmas Tree or carousels someone suggests to me. A big thanks to Thomas Hawk for pointing it out to me. My next experiment with this techniques if I see a carousels. There's one in Darling Harbour actually or a circus usually they have it.

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