Saturday, 26 December 2015

Byron Bay God's Beam, NSW Australia

A walk to the lighthouse when the sun was setting in Byron Bay, I was hoping for some clouds but I have more than that. I had the God's beam and light train after. The walk back to the hostel was also very interesting. I had lighting also but too bad I didn't bring any protection from the rain so I had to protect the baby from the environment. 

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas 2015 by Travis Chau on
Merry Christmas and if I don't post anything up during now and new year. Happy New Year. May the festive season brings you all the joy and happiness.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Upper House State Parliament of Victoria, Australia

Upper House State Parliment of Victoria by Travis Chau on
A wonderful tour into Victoria Parliament House. So much history can be learned especially for those into law and politics. There was the lower house and upper house in the same buildings. The red seats are still the original seats. I had the privileged to seat in one of those seats.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Noosa Heads Qld Australia B&W 2015

Noosa Heads Qld Australia B&W by Travis Chau on
I had minimum time in Noosa Heads before heading out to Fraser Island. The bus was leaving at 7;30am so for a landscape photographer that was enough time to capture the sunrise at Noosa Heads National Park. So I woke up early and brought my cameras out and head out to Noosa Heads. I didn't know where was the best shot so I just went with the flow. I climbed down this cliff to this rock formations to capture this photo. The sky wasn't great so I have converted to black and white.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Wesley House, Brisbane Queensland Australia

Wesley House Brisbane CBD by Travis Chau on

Walking around in Brisbane in the early of the morning was fascinating. The streets were empty of foot traffics and basically you have the whole city to yourself. The landmarks or attractions you want to take photos at other times have no people to take away the beauty of the place. But there is a catch to all this experience you have to wake up early. So no late night party till when you on a photography trip.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Fraser Island Sunrise 2015

Fraser Island Sunrise by Travis Chau on

A memory back from Fraser Island on this wonderful morning where the sand, beach and the crashing waves await my morning rise to catch this sunrise. This location was just outside our resort. I didn't have my own four wheel drive on the island so the best thing was staying very close to the beach.

Some people party all night on the island and for me personally I was there to take photos and I don't want to miss the sunrise on this magical sand island. So I set the alarm for 4am wake up call. Yes as I don't want to miss the sunrise and that's a normal time for landscape photographers anyway. No complaint there and I was treated to one of the most memorable sunrise in my life. I hope you enjoy it as I was. This photo was before sunrise.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Young Cherry Picking Season 2015

Young Cherry Orchard Sunset by Travis Chau on

First time updating my blog for over a month. I was busy picking cherries in Young. A small town in Country NSW, Australia. This is my new lifestyle and fruit picking as a job to pay my way around Australia. 

As this was my first time ever cherry picking, the first 10 days was horrible. I didn't make any money at all, it all the depends on the farm and how they pay you. Usually with cherry picking they pay you by lug pick. Expect to get pay around $1/kg pick. If you converted it to hourly pay expect to get around $20-$30 per hour depends on how fast you work.

The average working hours 6-8 hours sometime longer if the weather permits. For the first 10 days I was a cherry picker, but I was promoted to a quad-bike driver, If I had another chance to go back I still remain a picker as the way I work I can make more money as a picker, less the stress of a quad-biker.

The experiences at Young is invaluable as I am planning to follow the harvest seasons. Right now in Melbourne and enjoy a short holiday before heading down to Tasmania for more cherries. Expect to meet up with old backpackers that I met during the Young Cherry Season. More parties on the farm again. That's the lifestyle of a fruit picker.

Friday, 13 November 2015

The Regent Theatre Brisbane City, NSW Australia

Brisbane Regent Theatre by Travis Chau on
I'm back in my comfort room and on the computer blogging. It was a filled and fun 10 days of my life. I was visiting Byron Bay and finished off the trip to Brisbane. I have never photograph Brisbane before so I felt excitement when the bus stopped at Brisbane. I couldn't wait to take my cameras out and explore the city.

There was many surprise in Brisbane and I reckon the Regent Theatre was one of them. I was amazed that  many people especially photographers have never put up anything online. I was doing my research on Brisbane and the city and Southbank were the main attractions but not the Regent Theatre. I think it is up there with the State Theatre in Sydney. 

I wasn't  party hard as I know I am running out of time to photograph everything. So sunset and sunrise was the main objectives of my stay. I don't know how some photographers can claim they have truly explore any city in one day. I just scratched  the surface of Brisbane City. Until next time Brisbane. 

New adventures start tomorrow again this time I might not have many photos opportunities as I am on a working holiday in Young. A small country town in Central NSW, Australia. I am offer a job as a fruit picker for the whole season. If I'm not post anything up then you know I don't have access to a computer an/or the Internet. Keep living the dream.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Byron Bay Lighthouse, Australia 2015

Byron Bay Lighthouse Australia by Travis Chau on

I'm in Byron Bay and having the best time of my life. Byron Bay if you not familiar is the most Easterly of the main land of Australia. It's a backpacker paradise from all over the world gather with many great restaurants and many natural wonders surrounding this tiny town. No wonder it is in the backpacker to visit Byron Bay. I'm only here for less than 24 hours and I'm enjoying right away.

I was here in Byron very early like 4:30am and I though the place was a ghost town but after about 9:30am the crowd starts to build up and you have a carnival atmosphere everywhere you look. I'm staying at the Nomads Hostel right in the heart of the action.

One of the reason why I'm at Byron Bay is my new Lighthouse collection that my sister put the idea into me. So I said why not. So here I am in Byron Bay collection lighthouse to my photo collections. One more to the collection and I have 138 to collect in total.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge 2015 by Travis Chau on
I'm going backpacking up the Australia East coast so I might not have the time to post photos up regularly. I have my laptop with me so I'll try my very best to post everyday. But when you're on the road you want to take photos not posting up what your doing each night. 

But I'll try to make an effort each night on my to post something up. This is my last chance to see Sydney Harbour Bridge for a few months as I am taking up a fruit picking job in central NSW after the backpacking trip up the east coast. I definitely don't have the time to update this blog regularly as I wish I could. Okay lets the journey in my life begins today. First up Byron Bay. 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sydney Zombie Walk 2015

Sydney Zombie Walk 2015 by Travis Chau on
What a great meetup with Sydney Street Photographers. I was the one suggestion this event to the organisers and they ran with it. Everyone attended the event had great photos to share I think. This was probably the easier event to shoot as zombies were a willing subjects. No photographer police around, everyone just simply awesome with the make-up. In general a great fun day out for a worthy cause. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Sculpture by the Sea 2015 "3 Musketeers"

Sculpture by the Sea "3 Musketeers" by Travis Chau on
I called this one the "3 Musketeers" by the sea. There was a couple using an Iphone to took portrait photos of them at this very same location at night in complete darkness. I gave them some lighting so they could get a better photo. But please do as photographer a favour just ask and we willing to take good photos for you. Throw away those smart cameras phone at night, it is alright in daylight but when it comes to night photography just use the phone as a phone not as a camera please. Give the art of photography some credit please. The phone in your hand can take photos but how good is the photos are debable especially in low light situation.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sculpture by the Sea Bending Man

Sculpture by the Sea Bending Man by Travis Chau on
Another shot from Bondi Sculpture by the Sea. I called this "Bending Man" but I know the artist have a different name and more elegant than my one for sure.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Sculpture by the Sea Beach View

Sculpture by the Sea Beach View by Travis Chau on
One of my last shot during the my photowalk of the Bondi Sculpture by the Sea. I have to show the context of where the photo was taken and the view looking back at Bondi Beach at night was magical. If you haven't tried walking along the coast and enjoy the sculptures at night then I recommend it. If you're into night photography as well it is a given that you should be there at night. Less the crowd of-course.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2015

Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2015 by Travis Chau on
I haven't captured the sculpture by the sea at night and I though to myself why not this year. There was no crowd at all when it's at night and you have the sculptures to yourself. No need to rush things or have people in you shots. 

The photo above is a long exposure and I did some light painting on the sculpture. I didn't have the full set of light painting equipment with me at the time so I couldn't be more creative with the paint. Basically I just have one colour to paint with. Not very exciting to paint with just one colour is it? But I was shooting in the blue hour so the sky was blue plus the moon was out so I have plenty of light to work with. 

I have to come back for sunrise to finish this year  Bondi Sculpture by the Sea. Should I do time-lapse photography this year? Maybe. I'll see how I feel. Time lapse takes effort to do as I don't have an in camera time lapse function. Check out the time-lapse I did last year below.

Time lapse Bondi Sculpture by the Sea 2014 from Travis Chau on Vimeo.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Opera House Open Day 2015

Sydney Opera House Open Day 2015 by Travis Chau on
I never seen such a long queue for anything like the entry to the Opera House. There was probably a 300 meters line, but I think with the free entry to see Sydney most iconic house the wait is worth it. I never knew the Opera House has two theaters, now I know. I need to come back when for a smaller tour where I get to shoot more and not rush like today.

This was my first tour of inside the Opera House, it was an exciting to see the inside of the Opera House. Of-course I have taken numerous photos of the exterior of the Opera House but never inside until now. One of the reason was I didn't have a fish-eye lens. I really enjoy wide angle lens especially fish-eye, it gives you what the normal eyes cannot see. Something from the ordinary that people don't see everyday. Hence I love the fish-eye.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia 2015

Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia 2015 by Travis Chau on

Another view from Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia. Enjoy! This is a HDR photo just in case someone interest to know. And I also do slight editing in Photoshop to finish off the photo.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Darling Harbour Floating Restaurant, Sydney Australia

Darling Harbour Floating Restaurant by Travis Chau on
A fine dining experience overlooking the CBD at this floating restaurant in Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia. I haven't had that experience of dinner there yet and will not be any time soon as I am into living foods. So any cook is unfortunately not for me at the moment. But you should go there for a view of the city and Darling Harbour. 

I once had an dinner on a floating restaurant in Can Tho, Vietnam. The view was great but the foods could a be improved. I wasn't into photography then and the photos I took with the phone was disappointing to say the least. One of the many reasons everyone should get better at photography as each photo has a story to tell. You don't want it be blurry don't you?

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia

Darling Harbour Sydney Australia by Travis Chau on
A view of Sydney's CBD from Darling Harbour. I haven't had this shot in the bag until now even though I go to Darling Harbour very often. Oh well, better late than never.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Sydney's CBD Blue Hour 2015

A fish eye photo again. I'm enjoying this new perspective. A walk in familiar streets with new eye or in this case new lens makes the walk more enjoyable than usual. Blue hour in Sydney is probably my favourite time of the day to shoot. I get more keepers from the blue hour than any time of the day. Shouldn't you have a personal project to shoot the blue hour every week for the next month? See how many keepers do you have after the challenge.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Sydney Central Station 2015

Sydney Central Station by Travis Chau on
Sydney Central Station is the biggest in NSW and I dare say one of the biggest in Australia. There's a saying with the locals that all station to Central. It doesn't matter where you want to go, if you could catch on on the train in Central then it will take you to anywhere in Sydney and Australia.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Kin Kin Sculpture, Sydney Australia 2015

Kin Kin Scupture, Sydney Australia by Travis Chau on
An amazing sculpture making out of bamboo right in the heart of Sydney. Custom House has many events each year and this one is one of those outstanding display on show. You can walk through the sculpture and if you look up, you could simply feel how the massive it is. The artist was trying to recreate the feeling of looking in the rain-forest in Queensland where this inspiration came from. Can't wait for Scupture by the Sea which on in about a week time. Over 100 sculptures will be on display next to the sea. But you have to be there at the right light, sunrise is best.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Manly Jazz Festival 2015

Manly Jazz Festival 2015, Sydney Australlia by Travis Chau on
A meet up with Sydney Street Photographers as it happened on the same day as Scott Kelby's Annual Photowalk. I did both on the same day as this is my group of photographers that I have been shooting with. I dare say this group are more progressive in their thinking. I've seen more mirror-less shooters than the one with Scott Kelby at the Opera House. I guess the mirrorless cameras are better for street photography as it is more discreet. But I have done all sort of photography with a mirrorless camera. Less weight and I can carry a bunch of lens with me without carry a huge backpack. That's the advantage of mirror-less in my opinion.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Art Gallery of NSW, Fish-eye Effect

I driven passed so many times the Art Gallery of NSW and I didn't bother to capture any photos until now. I just purchased a fish-eye lens from now on any building I can capture it doesn't how wide it is. A fish eye lens give you an effective 180 degree of view. Any interior or architecture building now I can capture everything. No more excuses that I haven't got a wide angle.

There's only one wide angle lens that is missing in my camera bag. That's the 7-14mm Olympus or Panasonic. But I am thinking of the Voigtlander 10.5mm f 0.95 lens as I want to get into astrophotography and the extra stops of light really help in those situation. Usually a higher sensitivity ISO is required to do astrophotography but with the M43 system there is a limit to the camera sensor so I have to stick to fast glass to compensate for the exposure triangle. Shot it 1600 ISO and let the aperture open wide at 0.95 that should do the trick and just simply play with shutter speed from that point on. Oh well time to save up for my next lens and a new camera body.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sydney's CBD Light Trails

I took similar photo a few years back with a Canon 7D but with a black sky as I was having dinner with friends and missed the blue hour. When I switched to a M43 system, I didn't have the wide angle lens to do this shot and recently I have acquired a wide angle so I came back to capture this scene. Should try to put on a 10 stop ND filter during the day and the result will surprise you. It certain did for me as I have tried it. I'll keep it myself what was the result so I let you experiment. I cannot spoil the joy of discovering something interesting about photography.

This was taken on the bridge above the Cahill express way. Just opposite The Art Gallery of NSW, and there's more photos if you look close enough with a different angle. Still you can get a light trail effect.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Scott Kelby's 8th Annual Photowalk Sydney Australia 2015

Another great social event for photographer. I was experiment with Infrared Photography during the walk. The result was somewhat mixed. I like the effect but with the white balance is some what off and I need to learn to overcome it.

Check out all the photos I took of the day, I think I just enter one photo for the contest after the shoot. Probably the one in above with this blog post. Just for the fun of it. The true purpose of the photowalk was to socialized and connect with other photographers. I meet some old friends from previous walks and ofcourse Scott Kelby himself. I have learnt some photography and post processing techniques from Scott so I was very keen to meet the man in person. He was such a humble guy and fun to be around. 

Scott Kelby's WWPW 2015

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

A multiple photos with some masking to create this photo, I'll love to do just one long exposure where you can get the streaking clouds, but I don't have a big ND filter with me right now. I just bought a variable ND filter so I can control what light goes into the lens. But for now I have to play a bit in Photoshop.

This was shot a while back and I"m looking back from my photos with Lightroom to see what photos need developing and ready to share. I had a few version on this photo. But I reckon I like this the best. The other version was HDR merged together with Lightroom and I don't like the effect. Did you know that you can do HDR in Lightroom CC ? A 32 bit HDR gives a more realistic look, but it's not quite there yet. Maybe in future update version on Lightroom it could be better. Fingers cross for that to come!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Nobbys Lighthouse Newcastle Australia

Nobbys Lighthouse in Newcastle is an active lighthouse right next the sea. Newcastle also have an active port and the lighthouse serve great purpose. When I was there taking this photo, there were many cargo ships coming to port. The headland is very narrow and the ship must by guide in by the locals in high tide. It makes an interesting observation of the harbour, not as great as Sydney's Harbour then again not many harbours can beat Sydney.

I am thinking of faking the light beam from the lighthouse with Photoshop. If a lighthouse without a light beam then it just a house. A lesson I have learnt from a legend nature and wildlife photographer Moose Peterson. I probably re-post the photo when I fake the light house. Maybe do a before and after as well. That could be interesting.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Custom House Hotel, Newcastle Australia

There so much to photograph in a  sleepy city of Newcastle just two hours drive from Sydney. There was a big church in Newcastle that I saw while driving around town that I want to have in my collection. Probably another trip to the Newcastle is on the menu.

With the Custom House Hotel above I shot it with a telephoto lens then stitched the photos together in Lightroom. Making a huge panorama with Lightroom is so easy. What drawn me to this angle was the trees making a frame for the photo.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cool Running Newcastle Harbour, NSW Australia

Early runners in Newcastle while I was shooting the sunrise. The sunrise was disappointing but with the runners making up the photos so the early trip to Newcastle wasn't that bad. They were wearing high visibility clothing so it really stands out. I though to myself this was more interesting than the sunrise but luckily for me I have two cameras with me. One was on the tripod shooting the sunrise the other was in my hand taking what ever I in front of me.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Arcade Couple, Sydney Australia

Another day on Sydney's street shooting. With street photography usually I find a background and let the actor or actress enter the scenes. This particular couple was a very interesting subject don't you think?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hong Kong Miniatures

An amazing display of Hong Kong miniatures at Westfield Sydney. There were common scenes in Hong Kong show in great details from the artists. I think this was the last weekend of the display. So if you have missed it then unfortunately you have to visit Hong Kong in person to see it. Hong Kong is one of my bucket list to visit.  

Saturday, 19 September 2015

NUX Walk 2015 Randwick Environmental Park, Sydney Australia

An exhibition of sculptures from The University of NSW students. Some were spectaculars others were just silly. Then again art it is very subjective. I really like the living sculpture with the living mermaid in front of the makeup mirror on the water combing her hair. The crowd didn't get to see the face but it was a living art. I tried my best to capture it but I doubt I have any luck with any good shots of her. I really wanted to yell out "Do you need a jacket Mermaid? It was  cold night and the mermaid was wearing summer clothing. You got to look after your living art don't you?

This was my first time visiting Randwick Environmental Park, it is not well known in Sydney since we have many parks that were more spectacular. But I was surprised that a park exist at all in Randwick where greedy developers are eyeing on any spare land in Sydney to make their next fortune. And some already did with many new housing around the park already sprung up. I am glad the council are promoting the park and hopefully protect it from future developments. 

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sydney Harbour Bridge Barangaroo's View

I wanted this photo when I first read about the Barangaroo Reserve opens to the public. A new look on the Harbour Bridge that hasn't been open to public ever since the Barangaroo was closed due to construction. I have taken many photos of the Harbour Bridge of the known vantage points that I'm aware of and now this to add to my collection of Sydney 360 degree.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Chocolate Festival 2015, The Rocks Sydney Australia

Anyone for a chocolate? Somehow there were more females than males at this particular festival. I don't know why? Chocolate is the food for the gods or in this event goddess. No I didn't fancy waiting in line to get my hold of the precious brown chocolate. I preferred to be served and I know a place in The Rocks that serve it pretty well. If I want to indulge myself now and then I head over to that place, still in the Rocks. The name escaped me right now but it serves great Belgium chocolate.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Diagonal Kites, Bondi Beach Festival of the Winds 2015

My favourite photo of day shooting kites and the people attending the event. I have to show some details shot of the kite, which happen to be the main subject of the day. Even though I'm interested in the people more at the event.

There other photos that I have edited but somehow I always came back to this photo as my favourite. Maybe just the composition of the photo and the simplicity of it which attracts me. Less is more some might say, but the diagonal line which I purposely composed on the field make an interesting viewing...for me at least. 

I also finished editing all the photos I took of the day, you can check out the photo album below. Some shots are digitally manipulated to created the effect that I wanted. Photography is an art form after all. I'm not a "PJ" photojournalist so anything goes really, even changed the sky colour. It's all fair play. 

Festival of the Winds 2015

Monday, 14 September 2015

Festival of the Winds, Bondi Beach Australia

It was an effort to get to Bondi Beach using public transport but the Festival of the Winds was an amazing event. I never seen Bondi Beach so beautiful in the Spring sun, great for beach weather but not great for photography unfortunately. I prefer golden hour or blue hour, but you cannot get it all the time and I have to make the most of the light.

I'm in the process of editing some of the photos I took on the day. On one of my camera, I have sensor spot probably sand so every photos has a ugly spot on it. I have to do some clean up in Photoshop to make it more presentable. Yeah after I've seen the sensor spot, I immediately clean my sensor.

The photo above was shot on the Bondi Beach Pavilion with the best view of Bondi Beach from there I reckon. Maybe the hotels have better view, but not everyone have access to hotel room overlooking Australia famous beach. So I still reckon the Pavilion still has the prize on that front.

I suggested this event to Sydney Street Photographer Meetup Group and the organizers run with the idea. Unfortunately as for the distance not many people show up as public transport is an issue. Too bad they miss out. I post more photos up online soon.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Taiwan Festival 2015, Darling Harbour Sydney Australia

I have fond memories of Taiwan as I have been there a few times. I was not a photographer then and would love to go back to explore Taiwan with a photographer eyes. But the second best thing about living in Australia is the multicultural society we lived in. Taiwan is a distant away but a taste of Taiwan can be experienced right here in Darling Harbour or any Taiwan restaurants in Sydney.

I would love to capture Taipei 101, the once tallest building in the world when I was there. You can see downtown Taipei from 360 angles, it was so peaceful up in the viewing deck, but the city is a living dragon that never sleeps. Bucket list to do as a photographer to go back to the places that I have missed the shots.

The Chinese Qin emperor "Can Long" once described Taiwan as a beautiful island and it was so true. There so much natural beauties in the island of Taiwan that if you escape the cities and go to the country site you could relive the words of Can Long Emperor. Taiwan, a beautiful island. I end the short video of the festival with "I love Taiwan", check it out below.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Willougby Festival 2015, Sydney Australia

The north-shore biggest event opening was with a big street parade. With many different cultures represented in the parade. The colour was great for photography. Like any parade, I like to go early and capture the preparation before the start of the parade. You get to access to the participants while they wait at the start of the line. 

But the light are usually harsh so with this parade I was heading for shade and tried to avoid mixed lighting. But with this shot I have to go wide to capture everything. I was shooting in Aperture Priority but I was conscious of my ISO as I was in shade. I bump the ISO up to 400 and shoot it away. 

If you want to freeze action like this one, the minimum shutter speed is 1/1000 of a second. That's the rule in photography that you want to take note, and the faster or higher shutter speed if you want a dramatic shot like mud flying if you happen to shoot motor sports rally racing. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Where is my Bridge? Sydney Harbour Under Freakish Clouds

I never seen the Sydney Harbour Bridge disappear into the clouds. I though I was in San Francisco for a moment when I was there watching the moving clouds blanket the famous coat hanger. I have seen photo of fog under bridge but never a bridge itself totally cover by clouds.

I took time lapse photos as well but you have to wait to see that. I'm collecting the timelapse photos from around Sydney to create an epic feature film based on timelapse and hyper lapse only. I've just added another 20 seconds to my collection. How long it going to take me?  I don't know, it is on-going personal project that I'm committed to do. Maybe I'll publish my work on day, but enjoy the process of capturing and editing time lapse sequence, but it's an effort for each clip.

Where was this taken? It's on top of Sydney Circular Quay Station. There is a walkway up there and it's called Cahill Walk. One of the most spetacular view of the Harbour from there and no tourists know about it. Don't tell anyone okay, just keep it between us. :)

I usually take selfie of but this particular day I though I do something different and share a story that I was there. Check out the photo below and you might guess the effort I've gone through to bring you some of the photos on this blog. And by the way that was 20-30 minutes before the freakish clouds blanket the bridge.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Barangaroo Opening Night Performances

There was many cultural performances on the opening night of Barangaroo Reserve. I have a few shots that were worthy of sharing. This one here in particular I really like becouase of the lighted sandstone background.  It sort of a dream like stage or dream land. Which the Koori people are very familiar with I hope.

I have a friend who happens to be half Koori and half Caucasian suggested that the word "Aboriginal" was very provocative. That was the opposite of original? It was the first white man settlement that came up with that word and it so political incorrect that we should abolish the word from our dictionary.I've never though about it until I have closed contact with a Koori, and he was so right.

Why did I only have  a few good shots? There was 10,000 thousand photographers were there, everyone was pointing there smart phones at something. Everyone are into photography but how good is the photographs are questionable. Come on smart phones photographers out there, please do us photographer a favour and when it is indoor please use a proper camera that can take better photo in low light. 

Every photo is a part of your memory, make sure it is a good one. I was that guy that was using a smart phone to take photos but I know my memory can better capture with a better equipment and learn how to use it properly. Come and join us, the world of photography is fun.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Barangaroo Reserve Fireworks, Sydney Australia

A new and exciting view of Sydney Harbour had been open to the public with the official opening last weekend. There was a big fireworks display and there was less crowd than normal. It simply a great day/night out for the whole family. It happens to be Father's Day as well. Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there. I've seen some of my friends post up on Facebook the proud photos of being a daddy. 

Check out my videos below for the fireworks display if you happened to missed it. It is not as great as the photo above. But we're dealing with different species photography and video. Video is catching up with the high quality of photo though. I'm doing both so it's exciting time to be pointing your camera at things.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sydney St Mary's Cathedral Reflection

The fountain in Hyde Park usually runs all time of the day and this particular morning it didn't run and I got a great reflection from the calm water from the Sydney St Mary's Cathedral. Only calm water is where you could get great reflection.

If you want to photograph similar photos then I suggest you wake up early for the sunrise before they start to turn on the fountain. There's also another water feature on the west side of St Mary's Cathedral as well. I haven't taken any photo of during sunrise yet but you could try your luck there.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Rim Hat Lady, The Rocks Market Sydney Australia

I was being a tourist in my own backyard with every weekend I am planning to go somewhere different. One to capture photos and just simply experience new things. I happened enjoy a nice Saturday day at The Rocks, Sydney's old quarter. I haven't had a chance to go on a tour where the fascinating history of the place are share with the tourists. That's for next time. 

For this photo above, I was walking along the market and saw the store owner  wearing a really wide rim hat that reflects off the glass window. I though that moment makes great photography. If you look closely you might see me in the photo as well. the guy wearing jean. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

"Red Tears" Tulip, Sydney Royal Botanical Garden

A friend from Ello who's follow my post regular ask me how to take better photo of flower. And here was my suggestions below. I though I do a post on my blog so other people could benefit. It's just what I have learnt from other photographers and out in the field shooting flowers.
With flower shots or any macro shot, the background is the most important. Check your background when you take a flower shot next time and your flower photo will improve. Overcast day is good or very cloudy day is good as well.
Spray some water on the flower makes wonderful photos as well. But I rather go on a rainy day or just after the rain where you get the natural droplets otherwise you can bring a water sprayer and spray some water onto the flower. Hope that help with your flower.
If you're going to buy a macro lens, try to buy the 100mm or higher. It is easier to control the background that way, A 50mm macro is short and you have to be very close to your subject. Or use a super telephoto lens 400-600mm as long as you can focus close to your subject you could do some amazing shots with it. Or buy a Iphone, it can focus really close as well.
This was additional that I though might be useful for my blog. But more importantly, try to enjoy the flower as it in full bloom. Don't shoot like crazy, slow down enjoy the moment, get close and have a deep breath in the essence of the flower. It isn't it lovely the aroma? If you have allergy to flowers then try to rebuild you body so you can enjoy Spring. That's for another subject altogether but we're naturally should enjoy flowers as if it was the good old days in the "Garden of Eden".  

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Woven Orange, Sydney Australia

Looking up the building in any city and you going to find some interesting image with the reflection of the building. This was one of them, the orange building seems to be woven in the other building rectangular shape. I did tilt the camera to get a dramatic angle.