Sunday, 22 April 2018

First Post for 2018 and It's AUTUMN

I am being really slack with my post this year. Too busy making a living I guest. That's BS. Anyway there's always time for photography and create new art each and everyday. Just too lazy to pick up the camera and go out there and make some serious art. Hopefully it is art anyway.

It's not a bad time to brought out the camera when Autumn is in full swing. I went to my usual place in Mount Wilson, Blue Mountains to photograph. Usually it was perfect timing with the Autumn colours but this year the weather is usually warm for Autumn so I guess I have to come back for in another two to three weeks to capture the main attractions of Mount Wilson which is a labour of love gardens. Stay tune.

Friday, 24 November 2017

The Late King of Thailand Cremation Ceremony

Last Farewell for the Late People King of ThailandWas in Bangkok for the Late King Cremation Ceremony. Initially I was planning to go to a province just 3 hours away from Bangkok. I didn't know about the event and there were many road closure and public service disruption during the event.

People from all over Thailand was in Bangkok to witness the event. If you watched the news around that time then you probably knew people were camping on the streets to get a better view around the Royal Palace. 

I was looking for accommodation around Khaosan Rd but five places that I visited they all said booked out for the days. First time I experienced such situations in low season in Bangkok. Usually I just rock up to the place and I can find a dorm room to stay for the night. But no luck during the event.

People were wearing black everywhere in Bangkok and it really show how respectful the Thai people to the Late King. How many Kings and Queens in the world have the same respect from the people? It was an experienced that unique when you travel, to see the streets of Bangkok empty during peak hours is once in life time experienced. 

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Wat Mahathat Ayuttaya Thailand 2017

Revisit the ruins of Ayuttuya once again and things were slightly different. I went to Ayuttaya when it was the dry season and everything was yellow I meant the grass. Time I felt like it was a well organise garden with old temples ruin around the island.

I didn't get the chance to cruise the Island as the water was too high and the small boat could not dock on some of the temples so they cancelled the trip and refund my money. But on this trip I got to see familiar Thai faces and they recognised me from my last visit. I preferred Ayuttaya over Bangkok anytime of the day.

Also this trip I discovered a vegetarian restaurant and I loved it. Walking distance to where I was staying which was a youth hostel as I was on a budget. Love to go back and stay here but there's so many place in Thailand that I haven't discovered yet like the southern islands made famous by the big Hollywood movies. So next time maybe, it too touristy for my liking that's all. 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Life on the Tonle Sap, Cambodia 2017

Life on Tonle Sap

On this trip to South East Asia my goal was to see the Angkor Wat ruins. I was disappointed but the journey from Siem Reap on a old crowded metal boat was worth it. Yes it was hot and humid but this is Asia. 

The journey took six and half hours during the wet season and I have read it could take up to 12 hours during the dry season. Good luck if you took the boat during the dry season. Only adventurous people make the journey by boat once. Crazy people will do it more than once. :)

Monday, 11 September 2017

Cat Ba Island Vietnam Timelapse

Spend a few days relaxing in this peaceful island. Get here before the mass know about it and it won't be so peaceful. It's an effort to get though but many tour operators can get you to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi Old Quarter.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Cat Ba Vietnam 2017

Cat Ba Island is this heaven on Earth? So far in my travel there are many places that are truly breath taking and Cat Ba Island is one of those places. I woke up for the sunrise but happens that the moon was full so I didn't miss this kind of opportunity. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Vietnam Independence Day 2017

First time I've visited Hanoi even though I have been to Vietnam two times in my life and basically lived in the South for 10 years. I still very young when my family immigrated to Australia so the North of Vietnam was still a strange place for me.

The last time I visit Vietnam for pleasure was five years ago. A lot has changed and certainly my photography skills has improved over the years. I was a phone photographer the last time visited Vietnam. A German backpacker inspired me to travel. First I travelled around Australia my adopted country and now exploring the North of Vietnam the country I was born.

I didn't know about the Vietnam Independence Day on the 2nd of September from French Colonial ruled. I certainly not aware of Vietnam history that for sure. I knew the battle of Diem Bien Phu that changed the history of modern day Vietnam and ofcourse the Vietnam War. I'm not good with the details. 

Anyway got off the plane from Ho Chi Minh City and I went straight to the Old Quarter of Hanoi as I knew I could find affortable accomodations and all the major attractions are all in easy walking. The Hoan Kiem Lake was one of those attractions. Still haven't got my bearings yet, so I went in grabbed a simcard so Google Map can show me around town. End up heading to the lake and I found the Vietnam Independence Day Parade. Certainly Hanoi gave me a great welcome reception.